Wildlife Pouches – Animal Rescue – Knit a Joey Pouch and Photograph it with your Mobile Phone


As we all know Australia is burning and animals are perishing at an alarming rate. There’s something we can do to help. My dear friend, Jenny Hodge has just sent me a knitting pattern to create wildlife pouches. I am not very good at knitting but I do try and some of my friends have even received my offerings, and not only that, have even worn them, in public – how kind they are. I never knit for myself, I love to give. So, although this post is wavering way off the topic of mobile photography and art, I thought that we could bring it back on task by asking our readers to photograph, with their mobile phone, their knitted wildlife pouches upon completion. We’ll then create a showcase of those and sending it the ARF. Please tag your images on Instagram with #wildlifepouchtheappwhisperer and we’ll find them there.

There are several addresses to post the finished pouches to these include:

Port Stephens Koalas, PO Box 60, Anna Bay NSW 2316, Australia

PO Box 7276, Warringah Mall NSW 2100

Paws Across the Oceans, c/o 2 Garden Cottage, Hartsholme Country Park, Skellingthorpe Road, Lincoln, LN6 0EY

WIRES Head Office Suite 39, Lifestyle Working, 117 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale NSW 2100


With huge thanks to Jenny, here’s the pattern below:

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