Guest Post

Capture Great Moments With These GoPro Accessories


If you’re a photographer or looking to get into photography, you know that you’re going to be spending a lot on your cameras. And once you’ve established your basic kit, you might be looking into a few other options to expand your camera set. And you’ve decided you want a GoPro to get some sweet action shots. Here are a few accessories you’ll want to think about to compliment your new on the go camera. Because it doesn’t matter if it’s professionally or something you enjoy doing as a hobby, adding this camera to your roster with these accessories will keep you ready to shoot in whatever environment and even be more inclined to go after certain shots or footage.


The GoPro is great for your action-adventure lifestyle. And sometimes, you want to document your journey in a vlog or video journal style. The cameras themselves are always improving in terms of visual quality and clarity, but the microphones leave a lot to be desired. The microphones on GoPros or even most cameras won’t get you much in terms of audio quality, especially if audio is playing a bigger role. If you’re recording audio while on the go, whether it’s your own voice or the ambient sounds of your surroundings, you might want to look into investing in some quality audio accessories. Knowing which microphone is best suited for both the price and specifications is important and this website can help you with that, with their extensive review of the best microphones for the GoPro. There are different specifications, like size, recording quality, features and price you’ll want to consider. Like any other accessory on this list, you’ll have to do your research and find the ones that best suit your needs.


The world doesn’t stop being interesting just because it gets darker. In fact, you may find that when things become a little more difficult to see, things end up happening that you wish you were able to record. That’s where a light mod comes in. Varying in size, brightness, and battery life, these additions can be added to your rig to help provide that important ability to see while you’re still on the go.  

Waterproof Housing

You’ve all seen it, those cool, dramatic action shots of someone diving off some raised platform into a body of water, paired with the audio transition to give you that plunging feeling. Ensure that you have the right housing for your GoPro to get your water sports shots without having to worry about leaks or damaging your action cam. Certain housing units will be able to withstand different depth levels so keep that in mind if you plan on doing anything more than close to surface snorkeling like deep-sea diving.

Buoyancy or Floaty

Sometimes, you might not want to go full throttle with your videos. And lounging in the lazy river or relaxing on a floaty is really all the water-related footage you want for your vacation. If you want to change up your shots, and give the camera a different shot from some water, buoyancy or floating accessories may be something to consider. It’s most likely not making it to the top of your must-have a GoPro accessories list, but if you’ve already got most of the accessories out there and are searching for new shots to take, these accessories can help add new angles to your footage.

Rechargeable Battery

The last thing you want on a day of adventure and filming is to have your camera die mid recording. If you’re vlogging daily, you’ll know how important the amount of content to have on your adventures is. Or even if it’s a day of fun here and there, you never know when something amazing is going to happen, leaving you wishing you still had enough juice in your camera to capture that moment. Make sure your camera has enough energy to keep up with you, and have a few spare batteries handy.

Extra Memory

Similar to batteries, you’ll want to ensure you have the right amount of memory every time you go out to film and record. And then add an extra memory card just in case.  Sure, you could go through your memory cards and move, delete and manage what you can, but sometimes it is best to have that extra space. Besides that, you might not have the time to do so, so having extra memory can save you from having to decide what footage to cut before you have time to go over everything.


A GoPro is an amazing camera to have with you on adventures and trips, but similar to any other camera, only having the basics is going to limit you in terms of the content you’ll have.  These accessories will ensure you are prepared for whatever life throws at you and will give you the best chance to capture and create something special at any moment.