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How to Avoid Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiations



Technology has changed our lives in more ways than you could possibly list in one article. Over the past few decades, everything we do has changed because of the internet and smartphones. Despite the massive benefits we have gained because of technology, there were also several downsides, the most serious being the health complications that arise from electromagnetic radiation. Urgent Care in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has received a raft of five star reviews from patients that it has supported. This is significant because of the radiation emitted from the electronic devices around you can cause some significant health complications, from insomnia and anxiety to cancer. 

Here’s how you can avoid exposure to electromagnetic radiation. 

Learning About EMF Radiation 

Want to avoid exposure to electromagnetic radiation? Well, the first thing that you have to do is learn about it and how it works. Where does it come from and how can you minimize its effect? How can you measure EMF radiation? The thing is, understanding the basics of EMF radiation and how it works will help you prepare a strategy to avoid exposure to it. You will understand how to measure it, and in turn how to control your degree of exposure to those waves and their harmful effects. 

Minimize Wireless Functions 

Wireless devices have become an integral part of our lives. From laptops and cellphones to routers and printers, these devices all emit a WiFi signal th at can be a source of electromagnetic radiation. The best way to mitigate that effect is to minimize the usage of wireless functions whenever possible. If you’re using your laptop or computer, you can use a cable to connect to the internet instead of WiFi. Turn off wireless functions whenever you are not using the device, whether that is on your phone, laptop, printers, or any other one. This will help you minimize your daily exposure to WiFi signals. Generally speaking, try to replace wireless devices with wired ones whenever possible. It will save you a lot of exposure to EMF radiation. 

Keep Devices at a Safe Distance 

This might sound easy, but it is actually pretty challenging. We use our smartphones alone for hours every day, and most people find it very difficult to part ways with their phones if even for a little while. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to do it if you want to avoid exposure to electromagnetic radiation. For starters, you can at least minimize contact with the device by not carrying it in your pocket all the time. Don’t put your laptops on your lap, but rather on a table. It is crucial that you minimize actual contact with the device, so use phone covers and avoid touching the devices as much as you can. Most importantly, keep them at a safe distance when you are sleeping. Leave your laptops and smartphones in a different room when you go to bed. Yes, you will survive not browsing through Facebook and Twitter before you fall asleep. 

Digital Detox 

It is always a good idea to try and detox your body from electromagnetic radiation, and it is quite doable through earthing. This is a very common practice that has actually been shown to help your body get rid of some of the radiation it is exposed to. You can do it by putting your feet on the ground, which connects your body to the electrons on the surface of the earth. This can significantly reduce the voltage and electric fields in your body, and there have been studies that showed that it does work. This practice is also recommended for people when they travel to new time zones, as it can help them regain their balance and composure. 

Use Only the Devices That you Need 

There are a ton of different cool devices and gadgets out there, but you should be really careful about which ones you use. Avoid unnecessary devices like wireless earphones –– people have been using wired ones for a very long time and they work just fine. There’s a ton of wireless and Bluetooth devices that you can do without, and when you avoid using those, you will be exposed to a lot less EMF radiation, which is good for your health. 

Some of these steps will not be easy, but you have to do them nonetheless. You need to actively commit to avoiding exposure to EMF radiation as much as you can. Its effects can be very negative on your health, and this is why you need to commit to these practices. The less you’re exposed to radiation, the better you will sleep, feel, and be able to lead a healthier life.