How to Make the Most of the TikTok Trend

TikTok has one billion video views per day. It is very popular and content on the app can get a lot of views. If you want to promote yourself or your brand, tapping into this massive audience could help you become successful. TikTok is relatively new considering Facebook has been around since 2006. Whether it will have the same staying power is yet to be seen but the app isn’t going anywhere soon. TikTok currently has the attention of millions so you might as well make the most of it.


Generation Z

TikTok is particularly popular with young people. It is branded as generation z’s app. 50% of users are under 34 years old. Facebook is becoming more of a social media platform for the older generations while TikTok is attracting young people. If your brand is targeting younger people, TikTok is the place to market yourself, growing a following is a big part; find out more about follower growth and how to succeed.

Different social media platforms attract different demographics. When deciding how to market yourself on social media, research into which platform fits with your target audience. At the moment, the newest social media platform on the market, TikTok, is attracting the younger generations. When advertising to them, it is the best place to put your time, money and effort into.

Fast Video Format

TikTok is based on videos only. Uploads are no longer than 60 seconds. Similar to the app Vine which no longer exists, TikTok is about fast entertainment. It is great for quick-witted jokes and memes which can turn into viral videos. Uploading a TikTok video is as simple as filming it with popular songs or soundtracks then editing with text, filters or other effects. These effects could include creating a duet. This involves taking another creator’s already existing video and adding to it. TikTok is all about interaction, collaboration and creativity. Who knows what will be possible in the future of the TikTok app with its innovative posting.

Various different niches are housed on TikTok such as make-up, fitness and comedy. Dance is very popular. One of the biggest creators is Charli D’Amelio who has 41.4 million and is known for her choreographed dancing. Videos such as dances are recreated by other users along with the associated hashtag and become trending. Getting involved with these trends, or managing to start your own, will bring more users to your account and build your following.

New Advertising Opportunities

Most social media apps have advertising available on their platform and TikTok is no different. You have the chance to reach their millions of users through paid advertising. The ‘For You’ feed is where users will see the new content of creators they have followed. You can pay to show up in the feeds of users without them following you.

The 60-second video, as used throughout the app, will showcase your brand and a clickable link will direct them to your website, shop or another call to action of your choosing. In feed advertising has been successful on other apps such as Facebook and Instagram. Using a video you have the chance to impress users and draw them to your business.

You can advertise using other functions within TikTok. You can create branded effects that users can edit their videos with. This encourages interaction and allows users to become actively involved with your business and branding. The more an effect is used, the more other people are encouraged to use it and the more brand awareness you spread. Hashtags are how content is categorised and searched for. Every trend has a hashtag used with it. You can create your own hashtag to be used on the platform and spread the message of your brand.

TikTok Influencers

As mentioned before, the most popular TikTok creators have millions of followers. Management companies are already taking on influencers from TikTok, two years into the app’s time on the market. Having an audience that large is very powerful and equates to the influencers on more established apps like Instagram. Influencers will allow you access to their followers for a fee. Through them, your business will be advertised and reach millions. Users are more likely to try a new brand when it is recommended by someone they follow, respect and trust, especially if they are given a special discount. Working with influencers is a great opportunity to spread brand awareness to users of TikTok.

TikTok has grown quickly in popularity, particularly in the younger generations. While TikTok is in the spotlight, you have the opportunity to reach its audience and let them know about what you can offer them. If your advertising is creative and interactive, you can draw the attention of millions. Social media is a fast-paced environment but if you keep up with the newest trends and challenges you can boost the success of your business massively.