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Lightricks Launches Beatleap – The First Musically Driven Video Editing App

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Lightricks, creator of some of the world’s leading photo and video apps including  Facetune, Photofox, Pixaloop, and Videoleap, has announced the launch of its newest app, Beatleap. In collaboration with renowned music-tech company Epidemic Sound, Beatleap presents the magic of audio-driven video editing by automatically matching songs with clips in seconds. Utilizing machine learning, the app determines the exact moment to slow down or speed up a user’s video to perfectly align with the beat of the music. Packed with special effects, filters, and overlays, Beatleap delivers a unique sensory experience and brings the audio and visuals of any video to life in just a few taps. 


Fueled by artificial intelligence, Beatleap seeks to simplify the traditional video-editing process while offering powerful capabilities that exceed what is possible with existing template-based apps and editors. The cutting-edge technology behind Beatleap is the first of its kind — computationally identifying exciting moments in the music, picking out the best moments of the video, and applying effects in all the right places according to where the beat and the clip are set to synchronize. Users simply pick the clips and the music, and Beatleap combines them. Effects and filters can be applied with simple taps, with the ability to increase the intensity and shuffle choices.

Beatleap is packed with features, including:
  • 20 editing tools and effects as well as 50 filters to choose from
  • A library of over 1,000 professional songs to synchronize with the user’s video
  • Automatic trimming, cutting, and mixing of clips according to the beat of a selected track
  • Stunning video effects which are automatically placed at the perfect timing
  • Trendy filters and overlays to give users complete control over the look and feel of their videos

With Lightricks’ developers, research, and product teams constantly identifying new ways of utilizing AI to help people realize their visual storytelling potential, Beatleap elevates the standard of what anyone can create in a matter of moments.

“During the global shelter-in-place, we have seen people using our apps more than ever before, including Beatleap’s sister app, Videoleap, which has seen a 165% increase in usage and 12.5M downloads since March alone,” said Zeev Farbman, Co-Founder and CEO of Lightricks. “We have never come across an audio-first video editor and wanted to expand on the capabilities of the features that our content creators use most, to give anyone the ability to quickly and easily turn everyday moments into memories with a soundtrack from Epidemic Sound. We are using advanced technology to deliver a completely new and distinctive experience for video editors worldwide and are confident that Beatleap can empower our users to fuel their creative expression.”


In partnership with Epidemic Sound, Beatleap will begin offering synchronization capabilities with songs made by talented emerging artists. As the number one music provider for storytellers, Epidemic Sound provides a wide range of music to popular YouTubers, respected film producers, professional broadcasters, and well-known corporate brands. Additionally, they offer music to physical spaces around the world such as cafés, shops, clubs and restaurants. With a purpose to fuel the success of its creators, the company provides all of its musicians with upfront payments for each track and 50/50 splits on music streaming revenue. They partner with world-class musicians to commission soundtracks that are discovered, used, and shared by a global network of content creators, which will now include Beatleap app users. With Epidemic Sound, user’s of the Beatleap app can post videos to applications such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube knowing the music is fully licenced and that the artists are compensated.

“Music is central to storytelling,” said Oscar Höglund, CEO and Co-Founder of Epidemic Sound. “We’re delighted to partner with Lightricks to empower their content creators with the music they need to seamlessly soundtrack their videos with peace of mind that the tracks are fully licensed for use. Epidemic Sound and Lightricks share a common goal when it comes to supercharging the creativity of the users we serve. With Lightricks’ community of creators able to easily use and share our tracks in their videos, viewers all over the world can hear, discover, and follow our emerging music artists, and we’re excited at the opportunity this offers them to build their fan bases.”

The Beatleap app is currently available for iOS devices and can be downloaded for free in the App Store across all countries. In-app purchase subscriptions unleash access to premium Pro features.


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