Let us give you the latest in online Blackjack gaming

When it comes to online Blackjack, the options are truly endless, with new editions of the game hitting our devices on a weekly basis! But you may find it hard to keep up with all the latest drops and Blackjack releases – this is where we come in. Below we have compiled a short list of some of our top picks from the newest games around. Read on, and discover your new favourite!

Premium Blackjack: Single Hand

Why waste your time with the standard version of the game, settling for payouts of 1x or 1.5x, when you could be getting so much more for your money with something a little more special! This premium version of Blackjack is one of the top-rated games on the market right now, as it gives you even more ways to win. The general flow of the game is the same as you’d expect from the classic form of Blackjack, with all the moves you’re used to, such as one-touch betting, splits and doubling down. 

But you’re not here to hear about all the things that make this game the same as the rest! Let’s dive into what makes Premium Blackjack: Single Hand really stand out:

  • Eight-Card Wins: the maximum draw in this game is eight cards. If you can draw these eight cards and not go bust then you’ll automatically beat the dealer, unless they have Blackjack.
  • 21+3 Bonus Bet: one of the most appealing aspects of this game is the side betting. This will be based on the first three cards that are dealt, allowing you to earn one of the following prizes, if you can make that combination appear in your hand – 
    • Suited three of a kind will pay out 100x your bet
    • A Straight Flush will dish out up to 40x your first bet
    • A standard three of a kind can offer up 30x your wager
    • Hold a straight hand and 10x will get coming your way
    • A flush will pay out 5x your bet

Lastly, this game stands a cut above the rest as it only requires you to keep an eye on one hand at a time. Other online variants rush to give you more and more options, with the ability to hold multiple hands at one time, but this is only going to end up causing you confusion somewhere down the line. With just one hand, you’re free from distractions and ready to give Blackjack your full attention.

Perfect Blackjack

Whilst making a match in the majority of card games is usually fairly lucrative, that’s nothing compared to what a pair will get you in this game of Blackjack! In a traditional form of Blackjack, a pair won’t leave you a lot richer, but, with Perfect Blackjack that couldn’t be further from the truth. With this game, you’ll bet on pairs for bigger wins, with side bets offering up 25x your first bet. Whether you’re a newbie or an age-old enthusiast, this game caters for you, with a minimum bet of £1 and a maximum of £5,000, perfect for any gaming budget!

First, you’ll be dealt two cards, as will the dealer, before the game will play out as you’d expect. But then, the real fun will start! You can place a “pair” bet for anywhere between £1 and £1,000, as well as betting on another player or the dealer’s pair, predicting where the match will land. You will also have the chance to receive some bonus payouts, if any of the following appear on the hand that you’ve chosen:

  • Red/Black Pair: 6x your bet is up for grabs if the opening two cards match but their suits and colours don’t. For example: five hearts and five spades would be a match.
  • Coloured Pair: If the value of the opening two card match their value and colours but not their suits, you’ll receive a payout of 12x your first bet.
  • Perfect Pair: To get the big bucks, you’ll need the value, colour and suit to match between the two opening cards, before you’ll be award with 25x your initial wager.