AC Market Alternative Websites

AC Market is a mobile application that is very similar to Google Play Store. It is a marketplace for other applications such as games, photo editing apps, social media apps, etc. The AC market offers cracked versions of most apps that might be paid etc. on Google Play Store. This allows the users of the AC Market app to avail of the app for free even though the official version of the same application is paid.

Over time, many AC Market alternative applications have come up that are very similar to this particular app.

Best AC Market alternative websites and applications

  • Aptoide

Aptoide is one of the best AC market alternatives on the market. It is also a marketplace that contains applications that can be installed on your mobile. The best part about Aptoide is that it is not a centralized and unique store that is the same for all the users. Instead, the app store can be managed by each user.

From Aptoide, you can search and download the apps you want for your Android mobile. It could be called an AC market alternative to a free app store. Very similar to Google Play Store, you can easily discover your favorite applications in this marketplace.

AndroidHackers is also an app store that has an extreme likeness to the Google Play Store. This software differs in the fact that it is maintained by a community and is a software repository for Android mobiles. This app’s main repository contains mobile applications that are free and are open source applications.

You can download and install apps without registering with an account. It can be done so from both the Androidhackers app and the official website of the app store. It is a volunteer project done with non-profit intentions. It does not even require any root permission.

  • APK Mirror

This is another AC Market alternative application that is one of the best for Android systems. It is a website that provides users with APKs for Android apps that can be later installed on their phones etc. You can use this method if you face any issue while downloading the same app from the Google Play Store.

Owned by Android Police, which is one of the biggest Android news websites, it is one website that provides APKs that you can trust. You can also download the app version from the website.

GetJar is the next AC market alternative that you can use to download applications for your Android phone. It is also the biggest open app store currently in the world. With more than 3 million downloads each day, the store has over 96800 apps and new ones are added each day.

It was founded in Lithuania and it is an independent mobile phone app store. With its open app market, it provides users with applications that are free of the distribution charge. It also allows new app developers to upload their apps to the app store. This can be done free of charge, encouraging new app developers to work confidently.

These were some of the best alternatives to AC market application. You can use these to download any application for free. All apps compatible with the Android system can be found in these app marketplaces.