Simple Tips To Improve Your Smartphone Photography Game


Like a constant companion, your smartphone connects you to the web and keeps you updated with events in the outside world. It is one of the first items you grab before you leave the house, and probably the last you touch before you retire to bed. This makes it one of the most essential things in the world today.

Apart from this, your smartphone is also a great digital camera. In the past, taking photos with smartphones was a hassle, due to poor image quality. Fast forward to 2021, and you can get sharp images when you apply the right skills. Here are some simple tips you can practice in order to get better smartphone pictures.

Keep the horizon straight

You definitely wouldn’t want a picture that is too slanted to the left or right. Additionally, nothing destroys that epic beach photo more than the ocean looking like it is going to slide off at an angle. Try confirming this by slanting your phone by a mere 30 degrees, and you will be surprised by the difference.

To avoid this, ensure that your focus is straight. This is particularly important if you’re taking a shot that includes the horizon. In any case, if you forget to keep the horizon level while taking the photo, you can always fix this later using the edit option.

Take a large number of photos

If you’re a gambler, you know that you must go through the entire slots list  at an online casino in order to get the best slot machine. In mobile photography, it’s no different. When capturing your shots, always take a large number of photos. This way, you will be able to choose the best.

From among the best, you can take each and make any necessary changes on angles, perspective or exposure. Mostly, you will find that the final product comes out much better than the original. Always bear in mind that you can always do away with extra photos thereafter, but you cannot shoot the same scene twice.

Maintain the rule of thirds

In photography, the rule of thirds is a formula that helps in composing well-balanced photos. It aims at dividing an image using vertical and horizontal lines that intersect on a 9-square grid. This way, the human eyes naturally gravitate to these grid lines and the positions at which they meet.

To maintain this rule, always focus the elements of your image within the confines of these lines. This will not only help you to achieve a photo that is symmetrical but one that also looks more natural and visually interesting.


We hope you have learned something new as you continue to use your smartphone in capturing the surrounding scenery. With the aforementioned tips, you will produce shots that are as captivating as they are memorable. However, this list is not exhaustive as there are many other tips you can practice.

One of them particularly applies to the zoom function. To get good shots, avoid zooming but instead move with your smartphone nearer to the subject. This is because, unlike single reflex cameras which have optical zoom, a smartphone actually crops an image hence producing grainy photos.