Welcome to our dedicated Olloclip MicroSite, this is a very special area and addition to  It is an area where all content relating to Olloclip will be housed. This will include all news, reviews, tutorials, competitions, showcases, Flickr and Instagram showcases and much more.

You can find our dedicated Olloclip Flickr group here we would like to see all your images taken with an Olloclip added to this dedicated group. We will curate these images on a regular basis and create video showcases.

Scroll on the ‘Olloclip Microsite’ from the menu bar and you will be presented with a list of articles – we will be adding to this, so keep checking back for that.

We will bring you and involve you in the very latest information regarding Olloclip – don’t miss this!

3 replies on “Olloclip”


This looks like to be a lot of fun. The whole smartphone photo acquisition needs a boost again.
Great idea and thanks for doing this.
Be well


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