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    Impossible 1-1 Analog Instant Camera

    We have a longstanding relationship with Impossible, going back many years. They have a new(ish) camera out, their third generation that works directly with iOS and Android apps. Take a look… It lets you do more with instant photography than was ever before possible. Take full manual control over shutter speed and aperture to make beautiful analog photos in all conditions, or experiment with fun creative tools like light paint and double exposure. The camera’s innovatively engineered ring flash, meanwhile, provides a diffused light that’s perfect for portraits. Retails for £296.99 with three packs of film – buy here Works with: Impossible I-type and 600 type film Connects to the…

  • Mac Apps

    Analog – New Mac Photography App

    This is a brand new photography app for your Mac. It comes complete with a stunning selection of filters and borders and is really simple to use. Drag in a photo, browse through filters and borders and start processing. There’s 20 built-in filters, and over a dozen stylish borders to make your photos look amazing. Analog even makes sure that effects such as light-leaks have some natural variation – so no two photos look alike. Check out the features below. This app retails for $7.99/£5.99 and you can pick it up here. Features ★ Ready for Mac OS X Lion with Fullscreen and Resume support 
★ 20 Amazing Filters, including…