Mobile Photography and Art – Rest in Paradise @Poeticmedium – Candice Welsh


It is with deep sadness that I share with you that we have lost another talented artist among us, Candice Welsh, otherwise known as @poeticmedium was a long time contributor to TheAppWhisperer and we often featured her work within our showcases. She also took part in an interview with our AppArt Editor, Bobbi McMurry four years ago.

I only discovered very recently that she had died when I received a comment within our website with words to that affect. I had been wondering why I had not seen new work from her. I sent an email to her because I needed to be ascertain if this was a genuine comment and her husband Phil replied. He said “Hi, sorry to say Candeee passed away in July after a two year battle with cancer, Phil (husband of 25 years )”. I was so sorry to read this, her last personal message to me, read “Doctors. Hospitals. Scans. Tests. Now vision issues. You are so brave. Honest. Down to earth. A true blessing to our creative community! Thank you so much, Poetic Medium”, dated 5 May 2019.

I asked Phil, her husband if it would be appropriate for me to inform our community of her death and he replied to me yesterday with “Please feel free to announce it, she loved you guys, Phil”. So, it is with his blessing that I am informing you all. I have also created a short video of some of her most recent art, in remembrance.

Although, I feel never too far away from grief, I do recognise it as an acute state of awareness in which the fragility of the world reveals itself, but being in a state of hypervigilance surrounding grief, also helps us to elevate the sense of kindness, that we can give and receive from strangers, friends and family, throughout each day.

Whilst I go about my day, I make a point of smiling at strangers, online and physically too, but also, when I visit the hospital as I do weekly at the moment, I make a point of thanking each staff member from, phlebotomists, nurses to consultants for their care. It’s the small gestures that make up the meaning of compassion and help each day be a better one. I often receive messages from our readers, and I am always conscious of responding kindly and thoughtfully, with as much care, as time allows, to everyone who writes to me, keep writing. I count my blessings…

Rest in Paradise dear Candice Welsh…


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mDAC 2015 Mobile Photography & Art Winners Announced


Many congratulations to all the winners of the mDAC 2015 Mobile Photography and Art Category. I was the sole juror for this section and the high level of work submitted made my job ever more challenging and more wonderful. Truly, it was a pleasure to select the winners for this compeition and I send my love to you all. The Exhibition looks set to be truly wonderful. Many thanks to Caroline Mustard and Sumit Vishwakaram for organising this.

Congratulations to all the following artists:

Carolyn Hall Young, Wayman Stairs, Cecily Caceu, James Clarke, Tracy J Thomas, Jane Schultz, Chad Rankin, Irene Oleksiuk, Gottlieb Mallory, Diana Nicholoette Jeon, Bhatia Tripathi Mansi, Sangkamee Wanphen, Sariana Joshua, Juta Jazz, Naganova Ylian, Aylin Argun, Brynko Rhonda, Eliza Badoiu, Croop Russ, Jerzy Jachym, Patricia Larson, Emanuel Faria, Candice Welsh, Fran Garcia, Rino Rossi, Geri Centronze, Suzy Norris, Meri Walker, Kristie Benoit, Edward Santos, Mihai Szasz, David Schuster, Mandolina Moon, Claude Labarussiat, Cristian Margarita, Marco Prado, Alessandro Gregonti, Rino Rossi, James Perdue and Jane Diala.

To view all the winning images, go here.

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