Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @luison – Days 11 – 14


We are so grateful to @luison – lrh arquitecto – Luis – whom we entrusted with our Instagram account for 21 days after he was gracefully handed the baton by @sunflowerof21 – Elaine Taylor. To view all the posts in the series, please go here. Or of course, head over to our @theappwhisperer Instagram account.

On Day 11 @luison highlighted the work of @john_nieto – John Nieto and he writes Cartier-Bresson introduced the concept “Decisive Moment”. Quoting Eric Kim “it is a split second of genius and inspiration that a photographer had to capture a certain moment. This moment is fleeting, meaning that once you miss that half of a second to capture that moment, it is gone forever. You can never recreate the same circumstances in terms of location and people”. The picture I feature today is a perfect example of the decisive moment. Half a second later, that black ribbon would not seem to be coming out of the woman´s eye. Great shot indeed. ~ @luison”.

On Day 12 @luison highlighted the work of @marczetterblom – Marc Zetterblom and he writes Anyone who knows my work knows that I love reflections. I love to see the world in a different way than our eyes usually see it. That’s the reason why I couldn’t help featuring this incredibly beautiful reflection by Marc. It’s really fascinating, I love everything in it. What a beauty!. ~ @luison”

Also on Day 12 @luison highlighted the work of @kallyklick and he writesScrolling down the hashtag #theappwhisperer I came across this pic of a headless commuter, and I didn’t doubt it, I had to feature it. I just love the main character of the image, the headless man, the light in it, and of course, the beautiful tones obtained by using the right combination lens + film of Hisptamatic. Simply wonderful. ~ @luison”

Later on Day 12 @luison highlighted the work of @polym – Marco Lamberto and he writes I started this takeover by featuring a pic by Fabio, the founder of @youmobile, a group of crazy mobile photographers I belong to. I would like to take advantage of these last two days to feature the rest of its members. I personally know two of them. I hope to meet the other two in the future. I shall start by featuring this extraordinary street image by @polylm . Perfect framing, perfect light on the woman’s face. He’s one of the nicest Italians I’ve ever met. Marco is my friend. Coraggio, Marco! ~ @luison”

On Day 13 @luison highlighted the work of @elizarealise – Elisabetta and he writes Another Italian friend and a great mobile photographer is Eli. I like very much the way she edits her images. It’s always a soft edit, with a smooth contrast. Nice and simple images, like the one I’m featuring today. I ~ @luison”

On Day 14 @luison highlighted the work of @italianbrother – Dilshad Corleone and he writes Time to feature the two members of youmobile living in UK, both very talented and extraordinary mobile photographers, and both using #theappwhisperer tag on all their pictures. Starting with this incredible image by Dilshad, one of the best portraits I’ve ever come across ~ @luison”

Later on Day 14 @luison highlighted the work of @sunflowerof21 – Elaine Taylor and he writes “I’d love to finish my takeover by featuring my predecessor in this task, and also member of youmobile, @sunflowerof21 and her alter ego @subflowerof21_365 . Elaine has two handsome sons who are also her best models. I love the way she photographs them, as well as the pictures she takes of flowers. Thank you, Elaine. I would also like to thank Joanne Carter for this wonderful opportunity. Curating the #theappwhisperer tag for the past two weeks has been an incredible experience, as well as a way to learn so much. Thank you, Joanne xx ~ @luison”

So, very sadly for us we have to ask @luison to hand over the baton to our next featured artist. We are going to miss him deeply but we do know that you are all going to be very excited indeed when we tell you who he is handing over the baton to next! Stay tuned!

Please keep tagging your images with #TheAppWhisperer if you would like our new featured artist to find your art and hope to be found and possibly featured.


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