Mobile Photography & Art – Flickr/Instagram Group Showcase – 2 February 2020


Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties“, writes Erich Fromm, one of the most prescient thinkers of the 20th century. Love and creativity play a huge part of my life and it is physical. Love of art, the art of loving, irrational, intellectual, obsessive, insightful. Professor Semir Zeki, a neurobiologist at the University College London, proved in a series of pioneering brain-mapping experiments that viewing art triggers a surge of dopamine, the feel-good chemicial, into the orbito-frontal cortex of the brain, resulting in feelings of intense pleasure, the same part of the brain that is excited, when we fall for someone, romantically. For all of us associated with mobile photography and art, we already know this, mobile art is our fix just like illicit drug taking, we feel immediate stimulation and like a drug, our reward centres crave for more. I also believe it is not just the viewers but also the creators of mobile art, that reach for that high too. Love, like creatvity, requires courage, to let ourselves go, as Fromm described above. It’s fierce trust, it demands you put forth your work, without knowing an outcome because fierce trust knows that the outcome does not matter, it cannot matter. Keep sharing your work, each one of you reading this was born to create. Ask yourself, how fierce is your trust in that love? Keep creating, keep viewing, it’s our labour of love.

I hope you all love this weeks mobile photography and art showcase as much as I do. Thank you to all the talented artists for submitting your works to our showcase this week. If you would like your work to be considered for entry in to our weekly Mobile Photography and Art Flickr Group, please submit it to our dedicated group, here. You can also submit images to our Instagram tag for this section #theappwhisperer.

Many congratulations to the following featured artists this week including:

Clint Cline, Jerry Clack, jilllian2 – Jill Lian, Susan Blase, Hanni K, Lorenka Campos, Fleur Schim, Oola Cristina, Jayita Mallik, @imagomimago – Mimi Svanberg, @do.brze, Susan Latty, @honor_life – Irene Oleksiuk, @marymodale – Dale Botha, Beate Goralczyk, Dina Alfasi, Thelma Penteado, @jules4921 – Rita Colantonio, Janis Brandenburg, @winter__lines, – Paul Suciu, @miandreai – Marius Andrei, Rosalie Heller, @rodrigobw – Rodrigo Vieira, @luison – Lrh, @jawdoc2, Alexis Rotella, @cardinphotography, Filiz Ak, thefringeproject, Jun Yamaguchi, Jane Schultz, Laila, Gianluca Ricoveri.

Music this week is ‘Breathe’ by Fleurie

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