Mobile Photography Interview with Amy Leibrand – ‘Confrontational Story-Telling’


As many of you will know, among the assortment of hats that I wear, writing for the BBC and Vogue, I am also Contributing Editor to LensCulture.  I have a brand new interview in the works, which will be published soon and in the meantime, with kind permission of LensCulture, I will be republishing my work to our beloved TheAppWhisperer website – the most popular mobile photography and art site in the world. You can view the original post on LensCulture here.

Last week I published Lee Atwell’s ‘Angels in Streets’ interview, if you missed that, please go here. Today, I am publishing ‘Bursting the Bounds of (Mobile) Photography’, with Amy Leibrand .  I hope you enjoy this, Leibrand’s work is stunning. To view it on LensCulture, go here.

“I’m always looking for something to exaggerate, oversized lips or legs or the absence of flesh in a portrait. Some sort of odd composition or feature to make the viewer stop, take notice and (most importantly), ask questions.”

—Amy Leibrand in conversation with LensCulture Contributing Editor, Joanne Carter

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