Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @sunflowerof 21 – Days 5 – 10


We are so excited with our latest Instagram TAKEOVER this time with @sunflowerof21 – Elaine Taylor, she is a respected and very talented mobile photographer. Taylor has been granted full access to our Instagram account and she is doing a very impressive job. We are very proud of her!

On Day 5 @sunflowerof21 highlighted the work of @christinemignon – Christine Mignon and she writes @sunflowerof21 here with feature number four from the #theappwhisperer tag. I adore Christine’s work – her creative use of Hipstamatic (my first and favourite app) is truly inspiring. This image is one of my favourites from this year – I love the leading lines, the bold colours and those tiny silhouetted figures. It’s just fantastic!”

On Day 6 @sunflowerof21 highlighted the work of @luison_street – Luis Rodriquez (whom I had the pleasure to steal an evening with on my recent trip to Paris – a very talented street photographer). Anyway, @sunflowerof21 writes “Hello. @sunflowerof21 here with my fifth selection from the #theappwhisperer tag. Street photography is not something I do much of, but it’s one of my favourite genres. Luis is brilliant at it. He’s one of the first street photographers that really caught my eye, and I have been a huge fan of his work ever since. I adore his candid captures of people going about their daily lives. If you don’t know Luis’ work, go and take a look at his feed now. He’s definitely a #followfriday recommendation!”

On Day 7 @sunflowerof21 highlighted the work of @iphonefineartphotography and she writes So far during my takeover, I’ve featured images by some of my favourite igers. People who I have admired for a while. I’ve also been scrolling through the #theappwhisperer tag looking for something new and inspiring. I discovered the stunning creations of @iphonefineartphotography. He has created a wonderful gallery of work. I was particularly drawn to this image. It’s just so beautifully done ~ @sunflowerof21″

On Day 8 @sunflowerof21 highlighted the work of @yoshiboworks – Yoshihisa Egami and she writes @sunflowerof21 here with my seventh feature from the #theappwhisperer tag. Today I’ve chosen @yoshiboworks – a fantastic mobile photographer, and one of the most supportive and engaging igers I have connected with. I really enjoy seeing the snapshots of daily life with his boy like this one. This is one of my favourites – the composition is great, the light and subtle reflection in the window are beautiful and his son’s expression is just wonderful. A lovely snapshot in time is captured here”.

On Day 9 @sunflowerof21 highlighted the work of @clarisse_debout – Clarisse Debout and she writes I’ve scrolled through the #theappwhisperer tag many times over the past few days (gosh – what a truly fabulous gallery of work it is). I had planned to feature one of Clarisse’s stunning nature shots during my takeover, but each time I’ve scrolled through the tag I’ve been drawn to this gorgeous portrait, so I just had to share it”

On Day 10 @sunflowerof21 highlighted the work of @lisamitchellphotography and she writes @sunflowerof21 here with my ninth feature from the #theappwhisperer tag. I saved Lisa’s image for today as I knew I was going to have the pleasure of meeting her at her solo exhibition in Lincoln UK this morning. I’ve admired her work on social media for a long time, but to see it printed and exhibited in front of me was fantastic. Her work is a stunning example of just how beautiful and creative mobile photography can be. Each image tells a story and evokes an emotion. And Lisa was as fabulous as I thought she’d be. It was a great day!”

Please take a look at our @TheAppWhisperer Instagram account to follow all the goings on and please also tag your images with #TheAppWhisperer, so that they can be found and potentially featured.


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Mobile Photography – A Picture’s Worth with Luis Rodriquez / Lrh Arquitecto – TheAppWhisperer


A Picture’s Worth‘… is where we ask mobile photographers that have created powerful mobile photography/art to explain the processes they took. This includes their initial thoughts as to what they wanted to create, why they wanted to create it, how they created it, including all apps used and what they wanted to convey. We also ask these incredible artists to explain their emotions and how the image projects those feelings. We have published a few A Picture’s Worth articles recently, if you have missed those – please go here.

In this A Picture’s Worth today we asked Luis Rodriquez (@luisonrh)/Lrh Arquitecto to explain more about his wonderful capture ‘A Real Smiling Beauty’ – Luis has explained eloquently all we wanted to know. We think you will enjoy this very much.

If you would like to contribute to this section or if you have seen an image that you would like to learn more about, just email and we will get it all set up). Foreword by Joanne Carter (over to you Luis).


“When I started being a mobile photography, I did not care much about “street photography”. As an architect, I was more interested in capturing Madrid, the city I live in, and its streets. I loved, and still do, to watch the world through its images reflected on different surfaces: buildings’ glass façades, buses’ and car’s windows and on the water of puddles.

But little by little, as I daily started to watch hundreds of pics, my interest for “street photography” grew, and I can now say that it is my main interest as a mobile photographer. My eye has became very sharp and pays attention to what goes around me when I stroll the streets. I always walk around holding my iPhone in my hand, unblocked, ready to shoot.

When I shoot “street photography”, I normally use the Hisptamatic app. I love it, even though I would like it to use the 4:3 format instead of the 1:1. The pics I shoot in the street are always in black and white. I normally use the combo Jane + BlacKeys SuperGrain, but I have recently discovered that the combo Tynto1884 + CType Plate is also great. And I have discovered it by chance, when after a shooting session with my daughters, I forgot to change to Jane + BKS and started shooting pics with it. I loved the tones and colors so much, that I’m now using both. Apart from that, the result is always a surprise, because you never know what parts of the photograph will be in focus, and which ones out of focus.

So, when I was on my way to fetch my daughters at school and passed by this green grocers shop and saw this beautiful woman buying some fruit and smiling at the seller, I did not hesitate and shot. I loved what I saw from outside the shop: the beautiful woman, the grapes, and the reflection of the buildings on the glass. The result was a beautiful composition, in which the woman was in focus, the grapes a little out of it, and the reflection of the buildings in front totally out of focus, which helps the observer not to get distracted from the main goal of the photo, the woman.

The only edit I did to the pic was to crop the frame with Snapseed. Colors and tones are the result of using the combo I mentioned above, and the goal was perfectly achieved, and that was to show the beautiful smile of this woman as I watched her form outside”.

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