Apple Puts Back Launch of Final Cut Studio Until 2011


We’ve all been desperate to get our hands on the latest release of Final Cut Studio and were expecting to do so in 2010, seems we’re all going to have to wait until 2011 now after Apple’s Final Cut Studio team reported the development has suffered ‘significant setbacks’.


Apparently, one of the pulled-back features relates to an attempt to develop a unified user interface across Apple’s range of pro-video products. The source of this information comes from the French blog – it is translated into English so take a look. They explained that the development team had expressed:

“Reaching a satisfactory compromise among not only the various applications but above all between different development teams, those working on Shake and those working on Motion. Some fundamental differences of opinion about the ideal interface have hamstrung this part of the project which has now been deferred to the next version, in 2013.”

Although Apple’s Randy Ubilos, the guy in charge of the Final Cut division said “we’re taking this claim with a pinch of salt" . So perhaps it’s internal politics or just the fact that Apple has assigned some of its best engineers to develop iOS technologies.

Incidentally Hardmac also report that earlier this year Apple had laid of 40% of its Final Cut staff, although this was denied by Apple when Steve Jobs said ‘Final Cut Pro is alive and well’.

So, who knows what’s going on, what we can tell you is that Final Cut Studio is currently available to purchase from Amazon at $794 – that’s over $200 off. So if you haven’t got a copy it may well be worth your while getting one now.

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