The Gymbl For Your Apple iPhone 4 – A Tripod With A Difference


This is something you don’t see every day – The Gymbl™ [ gim-bel ] noun: an articulating and pivoting support
for the iPhone® 4 that provides a stable platform and hand grip for photography, video and hands free operation.

This is just what you need for taking steady photos or videos with your iPhone 4, read more here…

YOUBIQ Home Final from YOUBIQ on Vimeo.

Versatile Grip & Tripod


As a smartphone accessory, the Gymbl is compact and rugged. Attach it to your iPhone® 4 in seconds. Use the handheld grip or tripod on the Gymbl anytime, anywhere. Hold the camera in the position that’s best for you. With the Gymbl, you’re always in the picture.

Hands Free


With the Gymbl, you can use your iPhone® 4 hands free—at home, in a meeting, for FaceTime, when interacting with your apps, and everywhere else.

Panoramic Head


The Gymbl has a gimbal, a pivoting, panoramic head that lets you rotate the iPhone® 4 around its optical center. Use the Gymbl and the YOUBIQ App to take accurate panoramic photos without optical distortion. The YOUBIQ Cloud stitches them together into a single image and places it back on your phone.

Ergonomic Case


The stylish, hard-shelled case protects your iPhone® 4 and attaches to the Gymbl. Feels great in your hands anytime you use your iPhone® 4.

The Gymbl costs $69.95 and comes with a case – if you’d like to order one go here

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