Movie Stiller – iOS App – Price Drop


Elasty Movie Stiller is an app for stabilizing videos available on the App Store. From now on, don’t worry if your hand is shaking while recording a movie with your iPhone or iPad. Movie Stiller will automatically remove those distracting vibrations. Its advanced stabilization technology compensates the horizontal and vertical motion of the camera. You can adjust the stabilization strength depending on how smooth you want the output movie to be. And you can zoom in for a still better result.

You can pick this app up for $1.99 instead of $2.99 for a short time, click here to download

Easily Stabilize your Videos in a few Minutes – Key Features


– Import any video of up to 10 minutes from the iPhone/iPad library.
– Choose the stabilization strength necessary to efficiently remove camera shake.
– Upscale the video for hiding black borders, and getting the most impressive movies.
– The display frame will help you preview the video as it will be exported.
– Export the stabilized video to the iPhone/iPad library.
– Very fast video processing on your iPhone or iPad. No Internet connection required.
– Stylish UI, with full support of Retina Display.


Supported Devices


– iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4
– iPod touch 4th Generation
– iPad 2

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