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Welcome once again to our Daily App Giveaway section of theappwhisperer.  We value our readers so much and that’s why we want to share our love of apps with you. Each day we give away free apps, better make us your home page 😉

Today, we are giving away another hugely popular and important app to the iPhone photography community, AutoPainter II each worth $0.99/£0.69. AutoPainter vol 2: “The Illustrators” automatically turns your photo into a realistic drawings using some of the best rendering styles available on any system.

The first volume of AutoPainter featured mixed styles of oil and aquarell painting, the vol.2 now focuses on primarily illustration techniques. 

For this application the AutoPainter process has been especially tweaked to work with the new type of of styles that use combination of water color and pen shading.

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The bold chalk strokes and patterns give the immediate feel of quick form study. It works well on still life or any large recognizable shapes that don’t have big need for details.

This style creates hand-painted illustration using water colors and pen shading. It is inspired by the book illustration techniques. Works on portraits or landscapes, for best result make sure the objects are well separated from background.

Vivid, modern illustration style using colored felt-tip pens that borrows from late impressionism with a hint of cubism.
This works well on portraits and landscapes. For portraits use the Mask brush to paint over face areas to give smoother appearance.

Wet on Dry technique with a fine ink shading strokes. Works best on easily recognizable shapes, landscapes or well separated portraits from the background.

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  1. Joanne does a tremendous amount of behind the scenes work to bring us tutorials, app reviews and, of course, some really great giveaways. Every. Single. Day. Great job, Joanne!


  2. Thank for the giveaway and chance!
    Your site is one I refer to daily. Thanks for great reviews!

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  3. LTR!

    This app looks like it can add a whole new dimension to photos. Would love to have.

    theappwhisperer is the BEST place for app giveaways, news & tutorials. Keep up the great work!


  4. I have been wanting to try this app. I can’t say enough good things about The App Whisperer. It’s a daily stop for me.

  5. Add me to the list of those who have yet to try this app. Not sure why I haven’t but I’d love a chance to win from the greatest iphoneography source on the web!

    Rt@ photomikro

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