iPad Mini Now Available To Order


The Apple Store has been down for the past few hours while Apple readied it for orders of the iPad Mini. It is now up and running and you can place your order right now. At present, in the UK delivery is being shown as within 2 weeks for the 16 GB, both the 32 GB and 64 GB ‘delivers in most areas by 2 November’. All Wi-Fi+Celluar models in the UK are curently set for delivery as ‘late November’. in the US delivery is being shown as November 2 for the Wi-Fi only models. For Wi-Fi + Cellular you’re looking at Mid November.

Prices in the US range from $329 for the 16GB, $429 for 32GB and $529 for 64 GB. For the Wi-Fi + Cellular prices are, 16 GB – $459, 32 GB – $559, 64 GB – $659.

Prices in the UK range from £269 for the 16 GB, £349 for the 32 GB, £429 for the 64 GB. The Wi-Fi + Cellular pricees are 16 GB – £369, 32 GB – £449, 64 GB – £529. All prices include VAT.

To place an order or to look more closely at any of these options on the Apple store, go here.

If you’re still undecided about whether to choose an iPad Mini, take a look at this article by Mike Hardaker of 645 PRO app. We will be publishing more opinions from photo app developers regarding the iPad Mini very soon too.


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