Tangent – Brand New Photo App For iOS


We’re delighted to announce a brand new iPhone photography app called Tangent today. Tangent is a unique iPhone app that lets you add to photos one-of-a-kind graphic overlays, which work as unique frames or stunning embellishments. Tangent has a large collection of shapes and fills that can be easily manipulated, blended and colorized in almost infinite combinations using standard iOS gestures.

Fully integrated with popular social media channels, Tangent’s users can either opt to share their creations seamlessly with just a tap or “Retangent,” a feature that allows the user to save their creation and continue adding more layers to their design. This unique feature alone means that the creative possibilities for Tangent are truly limitless.

“The goal in creating Tangent was to provide an intuitive platform for people to create inspiring images through mobile artistry,” says Tangent’s creator and lead developer Ben Guerrette. “There’s an inherent beauty in the simplicity of the interface, which gives users of every level the capability to creatively approach and reimagine photos with endless possibilities. My excitement, both as an artist and a developer, is seeing the astonishing work conceived using Tangent as a tool for creative expression.”

Take a look below at some of Tangent’s creative tools. Tangent retails for $0.99/£0.69 and you can download it here.


©Joanne Carter

– 15 easy-to-use, fully customizable templates, or “styles”, which professionally combine shapes, fills, and blends for an amazing look- 39 versatile shapes (11 out of the box)
– 43 background fills (11 out of the box)
– 350 stunning combinations of blends and colors
– Unlimited combinations of shapes, fills, and blends that will completely transform any photo into a work of art



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  1. Just bought the app. I love applications that you can add graphic motifs over your image. By the way it does have in app purchase to add more graphic elements. Apparently…there are two sets each for .99 cents each.

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