Free New Nikon Pro WILD Edition Magazine Launched For Android & iOS


As a Technical Writer for Nikon Pro print magazine, many moons ago, where I introduced readers to the AF-S Nikkor 200mm f2.0 VR and the the 300mm f2.8 ED VR lenses as well as writing several photographer interviews and more, I’m always keen to see how this quality magazine further develops.

Fortunately, the Editor Laurence Akers just sent me a message telling me about this brand new free WILD edition of the magazine, available for Android devices in the Google Play store as well as iOS users in the Apple App Store. It has been designed to give newcomers a taste of what the full Nikon Pro magazine has to offer, the WILD version celebrates awe-inspiring photography and the stories behind the image, just as the regular Nikon Pro does.

From the chilled-out posture of lounging polar bears to the steely eyes of the Amazon leaf-frog, Nikon Pro WILD supplement features a bespoke collection of stunning pictures and video captured by some of the biggest names in wildlife photography.

Contributors include Vincent Munier, who talks about his latest solo trip to the Arctic, and National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore, who shares video and arresting portrait-styleimages of some of the world’s endangered species.

Select which version you require below and download

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