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#AppleEvent – NEW Mac Mini – 4th gen intel core processor – starts now at $499 – $100 less than previous model

#AppleEvent New iMac – 3.5 GHz quad core, Thunderbolt 2, shipping today – starts at $2,499

#AppleEvent – new iMac 5mm thick/thin!

#AppleEvent new iMac with retina display It’s a 27-inch display with 5,120 x 2,880 display. "Retina 5K."

#AppleEvent – NEW iMac with Retina Display ‘there’s never been a desktop like this’

#AppleEvent iPadAir 2 and iPad Mini 3 pre-orders open tomorrow

#AppleEvent – new iPad Mini 3 with touch ID – $399, $499 and $599, for 16GB/64GB/128GB

#AppleEvent #Replay a video editing app – demonstrating now

#AppleEvent #Pixelmator photo app team demonstrating their new app with a 4k file

#AppleEvent #iPadAir2 now with Slow-Mo videos

#AppleEvent new #iPadAir2 with Burst Mode

#AppleEvent iPadAir 2 – camera – 8MP iSight Camera, f/2.4 aperture – 1080p video

#AppleEvent iPad Air 2 18% thinn#AppleEvent iPadAir 2 – camera – 8MP iSight Camera, f/2.4 aperture – 1080p videoer than previous iPad Air. 

#AppleEvent new #iPadAir 2 – ‘see how thin it is’ – Tim Cook

Tim Cook talking about iPads – Tim Cook "It’s not surprising we’ve sold more iPads in the first four years than we sold of any product in our history." #AppleEvent

#AppleEvent OS X Yosemite available today! For free. New iWork Suite available today also free, iOS 8.1 available on Monday

#AppleEvent – Airdrop between iOS devices and Macs – also Instant Hotspot 

#iCloudDrive OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 – working together – #iCloud

#AppleEvent – new Mail app – Messages – new design, iTunes updated, iWorks updated for OS X Yosemite

#OS X Yosemite New typography, new icons in the doc #AppleEvent – Spotlight supercharged

#AppleEvent – New iOS 8 48% users running it now#iOS 8.1 Ability to access all your photos and video at their original resolution, with no downscaling #AppleEvent 

#WatchKit SDK available next month in time for developers to create great apps #AppleEvent 

Tim Cook ‘#ApplePay is going to be huge. Will begin on Monday’ #AppleEvent

#ApplePay support from all major US banks including 500 more #AppleEvent

Tim Cook is up!  Tim Cook is up! iPhone 6 will be in 32 countries by the end of this week. Launching in China in a few hours time!

It’s starting now…


The Apple Event ‘it’s been way too long’ is less than 20 minutes away from starting live. We will be covering the event here and also at our Twitter feed – @theappwhisperer – keep refreshing this page for all the latest news – we’re anticpating, new iPad’s, new iMac’s and OS X Yosemite too – don’t miss this!

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