Mobile Photography Awards 2015 – Final Results Are In!


The Grand Prize Winner and The Photo Essay Winners results are now in for the 2015 Mobile Photography Awards. Our congratulations go to Jian Wang for scoping the Grand Prize and $3,000 in prize money. Daniel Berman, founder of the Mobile Photography Awards expressed, “working with his iPhone 6 Plus, Jian raises the mobile photography bar for technical excellence, compositional skills, and storytelling. Really exciting work”.

There are three winners in the MPA Photo Essay Category, huge congratulations to Chayue Pan who scoops first place (and $500), the second place winner is Paula Broom – great work and the third place winner is Sean Hayes (who we interviewed last week, please see here).

To view all the other category winners work, please go here.

We will soon be publishing our exclusive Podcast with Daniel Berman, look out for that.

Grand Prize Winner 2015 – Jian Wang

First Place Photo Essay Winner 2015 – Chaoyue Pan

It is fun to see how tourists visiting the historic Moses Mountain in the province of North Sinai of Egypt behave compared with those pilgrims in the past. On the one hand, present tourists and local Bedouin guides keep the traditional way of transporting, dressing, praying etc…and on the other hand, they use mobile phones and modern technology to memorize the scene on top of the mountain, instead of what pilgrims did in the religious way a long time ago.” – Chaoyue Pan.

Image ©Chaoyue Pan

Second Place Photo Essay Winner 2015 – Paula Broom

“In producing this photo essay from a visit there in June 2015, I wanted to pay homage to the Tramshed which was sadly razed to the ground by vandals in October of the same year. The outpouring of sadness and disgust expressed on the various social media channels proved its appeal with photographers and railway enthusiasts alike. I hope that this essay serves as both a testament to its rare beauty and dignified abandonment and a reminder to what we as a community have lost.” – Paula Broom.

Image ©Paul Broom

Third Place Photo Essay Winner 2015 – Sean Hayes

“In Irish mythology, Ériu was the goddess of ancient Ireland. I love shooting landscape in Ireland. The nuanced light combined with the etheric body of an ancient land almost guarantees interesting results. My series of images of this mysterious land are an attempt to capture the special ‘atmosphere’ of the topology rather than classic picture postcard photography. Hopefully I succeeded. All images shot with the LGG4 and edited exclusively with the Snapseed photo app.” – Sean Hayes.

Image ©Sean Hayes

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