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We are reigniting our Tip of the Day section and kicking us off today is Tania Konnerth.

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An Observation from Tania Konnerth

“Give chance a chance! Some of my best pics happened by quasi by accident, for example by fooling around with different features of an app or by just taking random photos without an actual idea or concept. For my that’s one of the most beautiful features of mobile photography: that it allows chance to come into the game.

For example in my very early steps into iphoneography I was always amazed about the results which I got out of the old hipstamatic, because this app was all about chance! You never knew, what you actually would get on your photo and if you used the random function of the lenses and films it really was all about surprises… (see more below)

(All demonstration images ©Tania Konnerth)

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