Welcome to the Dark Side – Print 20 x 20 cm Mobile Images From Your Smartphone – Traditionally


The smell of chemicals, red lights in small darkrooms, rope lines full of drying, freshly developed prints… Now obsolete, this printing process is something romantic, beautiful and magical, remembered fondly by traditional photographers and indeed worth preserving for future generations. That moment of magical excitement when a photo appears on the pristine white photosensitive paper is indescribable with words.

The Enfojer has been developed to bridge almost 200 years of photographic history. It has been developed by a team of Croatian enthusiasts. It looks good but I have not tested this product yet. Please take a look at the video below to learn more and click here to contact the team or to place a preorder.


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Interesting…Enfojer: An Analog Darkroom for Printing Your Digital Smartphone Photos


Many thanks to our Contributor Nettie Edwards for pointing us in the direction of this cool link and product this morning. Enfojer ‘is a new darkroom kit that mixes age-old analog photography processes with digital smartphone photography. It’s a simple … Read more

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