This new initiative, called H2O for Peace – iPhoneography for Human Rights, features an international photographic competition in collaboration with the NEM – the New Era Museum (a Virtual Museum and International Artistic Movement) which has made specific images captured and revisited by smartphones its philosophy.

The competition ends at the beginning of June with the selection of the finalists and the proclamation of the winner. The works chosen will be screened at the Fondazione Campana dei Caduti, Rovereto and included in a video clip with music by Marco Testoni performed by the Pollock Art-Jazz Project. Along with the photographs selected, visitors may view the video at the Foundation, on the social networks and the web, as well as during international events aimed at highlighting the results obtained and the emotions aroused by the competitors’ works.

This campaign has chosen the art which more than any other spells sharing: iPhoneography, as we know is a widespread, democratic art which permits people to create images using their smartphones and share them on the internet and the social networks. The enormous potential of this art make it the ideal creative medium for providing the whole world with a means of speaking about an important topic like water. This art, born on the social web, is now examined and studied in for its intrinsic worth and its strongly democratic nature also within traditional photographic environments.

The president of the jury is Andrea Bigiarini, originator and founder of the NEM. The works will also be adjudicated by: Marco Di Battista, Dilshad Corleone, Giancarlo Beltrame, Davide Capponi.

Send up to three images to this link:


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