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Food Guide is your culinary advisor in an app. You can now get the information on almost all of the common food products in Europe, right from your iPhone. Multilingual and designed by a publisher and food journalist, Food Guide is the app you’re going to want to consult, regardless of what country you’re in.


You’re sitting in a little café in Paris, trying to decide which local fare to sample. The French have a reputation for incredible food and dishes that you can’t wait to start experiencing. Today, the quaint little menu board suggests a nice Banon cheese. Hmm, what’s that like? Within seconds, you’ll know because you only have to consult your Food Guide app to find out all about it.

Of course, you don’t actually have to fly to Europe to find European food products. Most restaurants and import stores offer a wide variety of culinary delights that needn’t mystify you any longer. Thanks to the unique Food Guide app, you can now expand your horizons to include new cultural food items.

Food Guide is a new form of consumer assistance. Designed by publisher Michael Ditter and food journalist Ingeborg Pils, it includes all of the most important information for 1,750 common European food products and ingredients, using both pictures and translation assisted text. Product names are listed in five languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian. For hardcore foodies, the scientific names are included. Just enter the name of a food product in one of the given languages and you get a short, precise description, along with the food’s preparation or use in the kitchen. For these descriptions you can choose between three languages – English, German or Spanish. There is at least one beautiful photo accompanying each entry, so you’ll know if that food appeals to you or not before you order it.



There is also a star system rating to indicate a product’s enjoyment level in Europe. If it has a unique taste, quality or type of production, it is likely to have five stars. Otherwise, let’s just say that you’re going to want to make use of this feature to avoid items that are sure to be disappointing.

Food Guide Features:
* Extremely attractive, easy to use interface
* Multilingual Dictionary with 1,750 European food products and ingredients
* Translation assistance for English, German and Spanish
* Scientific names included in descriptions
* Offers product knowledge and consumer reports
* App has 21 comprehensive chapters
* Shows 1-5 star rating of enjoyment level
* About 20 % of all pictures can be viewed in full screen size by rotating your device by
90 ° (amount will be expanded with new updates)
* Information about seasonal availibility of products in Europe
* Versatile search functions
* ‘Favorites’ feature lets you earmark products that you want to return to



Don’t worry about being in obscure locations when wanting to use Food Guide. No internet connection is necessary at all, once you download the app. Whether you’re in a mountain village in Spain, at a fish market in Hamburg or in a quaint, low or no tech countryside inn in rural North America, you always have access to the Food Guide information.

If you enjoy European food or want to incorporate the influence in your cooking, you need this app. Food Guide is going to tell you everything you need to know and want to know – in a variety of languages. All you have to do is grab your download now to start exploring a whole new culinary world. Bon appétit!


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    Zhirinovsky proposes to convene the UN Security Council on the Turkish-Iraqi issue
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    within the capital Saturday commissioned the second phase construction of CHP International, "121 megawatts of electrical power and thermal power of 205 gigakallory per hour, which is quite carry electricity and heat supply of the new business district of Moscow – International Business Center" Moscow City ". Really like to say, if you are trying to block the noise from the turbines running. We want to congratulate the investors and builders, and the circle with this victory, "- said Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov for the opening teploenergopodstantsii. He noted how the second phase construction of CHP International, using combined-cycle, built for the basis of two gas turbine electric power of 45.6 MW each and thermal teplosektsionnoy turbine capacity of 30 megawatts. At the station, the exact set of peaks, backup boiler capacity of 130 gigakallory per hour. The mayor added that many never left the equipment installed for station meets the modern world standards in the electric power efficiency and how very proud in terms of city construction standards of environmental safety, According to him, the construction of a full-fledged modern electrical substation with such high efficiency – over 52% – implemented for the first time such a short term (17 months).

    Benitez: The outcome of the fight will be settled at Anfield, and hopefully in our favor

    City Hall will work for rent Mayor of Moscow plans to deploy large-scale construction to the popular revolution of tenement houses. on the city administration think about how the current dynamics of the rise in prices for square meter of a real alternative to home purchase should start his vacation. So, how many Muscovites are not accustomed to rent, considering it a lot of other cities, officials do not mind. Indeed, in the tenement houses, according to statistics, live 55% of Germans, 45% French and 30% of Americans. The experts, in turn, hint, how many besides psychology residents will have to change and the psychology of investors accustomed to quick payback projects. Investing in rental projects back in the best case in 10 years. The merchants liked the third floor According to the Department of housing policy and housing city government, in pre-revolutionary Moscow, the fate of recruited housing was 48%. at the end of XIX – early XX century, the town soon changed, and the number of people will certainly grow with visitors from different classes and grades. most of them settled in rented apartments, high-quality range which was very wide: in beds in closets to luxury apartments with a dozen rooms. at that time in Moscow there were approximately a thousand tenement houses, how much does this type of real estate major type of urban housing. Apartment Houses could occur in any area of the city, and in one house could coexist as wealthy people, occupying well-furnished apartments along the front, without cause, and representatives of the poor, who were huddled in a small dark room, leaving for home court. Location depending on the level of prosperity through knowledge related lko characteristics of the apartment, but the floor. The most prestigious is the third floor – there are usually settled by merchants and industrialists. In favor of whom the city spread tenements was profitable through the use of causality, they filled up the city treasury. The amount of payments amounted to over 10% to 20% of the annual budget of Moscow. In the Soviet era apartment buildings nationalized converted into ordinary housing and apartments in them – in a communal apartment. Some objects beginning of XX century are still in good condition – most of them before is part of the housing stock, the other given to commercial structures. The first attempts First, after the revolution attempt to revive the lucrative housing construction was undertaken only in 2004 when DIPS put into operation a building biznevmeste class Nikolovorobinskom Lane, close by the metro station "Kitai-Gorod . let it be the owner of an object is a city vain was originally targeted for wealthy clients. Area 47 apartments ranging across 100 square meters. m to 300 square meters. m, and rental rates by $ 4 thousand to $ 12 thousand per month. explained by way of "DV" to SUE Moszhilservis "managing complex, in the lease price included payment for the protection and maintenance. After using the underground garage ($ 295 per month), cleaning, laundry, car wash and Medical Center residents have to pay extra. Despite high prices for, vain is not empty. The occupancy is for 65% -80%, two thirds of the tenants are foreigners, 40% – visitors from the Russian regions while working in the capital. Originally DIPS planned to recoup the costs within 5-6 years, but experts question how much the fate of these plans come true. Estimated Director of rental apartments Penny Lane Realty Vadim Lamin, the payback period at home in Nikolovorobinskom lane will be about 10 years. "On this day rental business profitability is low, causality and the dynamics of the cost of rental housing is not comparable to the rate of growth of prices per square meter. Bude Profitable vain in today's environment may come to the owner benefits of $ 10-12% per annum, the investment in virtually every segment Real Estate Market to further sale of the object is much more promising – 20% to 100% and higher, " ; – explains the passivity of potential investors Vesco Consulting CEO Alex Averyanov. Indeed, the apartment houses in Moscow can be counted according to the fingers. deprived of what accounting apart-hotels, which are consistent with essentially no difference by income-housing, but legally have the status of non-residential facilities, such projects for the entire capital of only four. In addition to the aforementioned home DIPS is Arbat Tower, where the lease shall be 38 apartments and complexes Donskoy Posad "for the street. Stasova and Park Place for Leninsky Prospekt. Experts note, how many club vain in the Ostozhenka in three-Obydensky lane was designed and built as an apartment, but due to the apartment it was sold to the market. Apartment Houses category superior to the payback period to 15 years – is the maximum for which we are ready to begin investors. More "long" and "cheap" projects have to take for himself the budget. Officials have estimated lost profits Moscow officials have already said how many are ready to close the construction of tenement houses to take a different level of comfort. They are then forced to at least two circumstances. Firstly, the effect of the national project "Affordable Housing", which in Moscow is too hampered by high prices for real estate. Buy an apartment in the capital now can not afford even people with decent incomes – $ 2,5-3 thousand for a family. There are only accessible way to improve the living conditions of the bait for them is renting. But, first, the vacant apartments are sorely lacking, and secondly, the rental market will come with a tax background. Counting the loss of profits can often drazhat officials. According to SUE Moszhilservis, Moscow 120-160 thousand apartments for rent, and the annual path of the market is about $ 4 billion bude desire completely landlords paid their taxes regularly, the annual revenue through this kind of activity is the desire to 12 billion rubles . all in the past year, a decoy income is declared only 6 thousands of home owners, and tax payments to the treasury not have lasted even up to 220 million rubles. The city authorities are hoping, as the mass construction of rental housing will perform pravilhotya Games for this market is more civilized. The concept of apartment houses in Moscow is now in the process of development. the image told the "DV" a source in the city administration, the first competition between investors for the construction of such facilities will be held in 2008. Given the long payback periods of the income housing and its social significance, the developers probably only be able to count for benefits similar to those provided about how the construction of hotels. the policy management of private tenement buildings will not interfere with power. all require the owners through their contracts with tenants to enter into a standard pattern for a period of five years, not to recalculate the rental rate more than a few per year, and not to change the functional tasks at home in the course of 15 years . After this period, the apartment it is about want, you can quite realize the market for both conventional housing. In 2007 at the expense of the targeted investment program, the city intends to build residential houses, a flat which will be transferred for temporary accommodation of student and youth families. The lower floors of the building is planned to equip kolyasochnymi and game rooms, and rooms for discos and sports. According to First Deputy Mayor Lyudmila Shevtsova, the rental rate will not exceed $ 200 per month. In the future at the expense of the city's budget is going to build a whole machination tenement houses and apartments which will yield mostly Muscovites. Waiting list – according to a preferential rate (for this very set way of reducing coefficients depending through the term of the queue), the rest – according to the average. Experts warn many such projects are for a very low level of profitability. According to specialists Blackwood, payback lucrative economy-class housing can destroy up to 25 years, profitability over the lease to 9% per annum. However, from the standpoint of the Moscow government has invested heavily in the construction of the property free housing, is another fast bad. In addition to the return on investment development of the municipal segment of the tenements has a number of advantages. First of all, thus creating agile fund whose capital are sorely lacking and will soon need to relocate tenants for the time kapremonthotya is dilapidated and unsafe buildings. Second, these homes will be able to even partially solve the housing problems of public sector employees: an apartment they can be provided as a service. And finally, the power can significantly reduce the turn, because the concept of income-housing involves how much the family who agreed to rent accommodation near the city for favorable terms, are automatically removed from the housing account. Officials with the foundation say how much a waiting list, assigned to the choice of "a separate room for reasonable money – today" or "waiting in the course of 10-15 years with an unknown prospect, will choose the former. at the end, to the west, thousands of people all my life living in rented accommodation – and nothing else. "The program of municipal tenements rather have time and lead to the expected results provided about how much officials can overcome the desire to recoup the investment in the shortest possible time and keep the rents to an affordable level. This list dolzhnhotya Met a clear expression of social character "- sums up Vadim Lamine, head of the Department of rental apartments Penny Lane Realty.