My Vacation iPhone App Review


Just in time for the summer, My Vacation is a great app to help you organize and plan your vacation. Billed as a ‘complete travelogue in your hands’ we thought we would check it out. Read this comprehensive review now.



The latest version of My Vacation has been updated and approved today, it is Version 2.0 and now includes the following features:

– Postcard sending via email.
– Send trip details via Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth
– Improved travel destination information
– Improved Playback screen
– Improved interface and film roll display
– Video uploaded to Facebook function
– Photo captions and map links included in email and Facebook Note text
– Auto slide show feature

It is priced at: $0.99 – Link here

Adding Your Vacation


The first thing to do with this app is add your impending travel trip. To do this from the main screen just select the + symbol next to ‘Add a new holiday’. Although this app is called ‘My Vacation’ to obviously appeal to the US market, it was written by an Englishman, so you will have to translate the ‘holiday’ terminology to ‘vacation’ but that’s not a real problem.



The next step is to add a Title for your vacation and a theme, be it snow/ski, beach etc.



In the above example I have added a Skiing trip. You will notice the keyboard pop up when you select the white text box.

Location, location, location


The next step is to add the location of your trip. In this case I have added Mont Blanc.



Add the dates of your trip and they will be highlighted in red within the calendar menu. What would be nice at this stage would be to try to link this to iCal within Mac OS X – this feature could easily be added in a future update.



A summary page allows you to add information for each day. For example, if you need to do something specifically on a certain day you can select the day/date here to do so, as a reminder.

Day List


If you wish to add day information as mentioned in the earlier step, this is the menu you will see. From there you can add the title and location and add further information to the Journal. The facility to add photos or a Movie, if you have an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, is a brilliant addition and one that the iPhone 4 is going to facilitate perfectly and wonderfully.



Of course, you don’t have to include the day information prior to your trip, you may prefer to add it at the time on the day, by way of a reminder of where you went, what you saw and what you did. Within the Journal section you can fill in more of this type of information and if you prefer do an audio recording.



This is a very useful section. I tend to carry around lists in my head, not recommended. This menu gives you three choices, To Do, Pack and Notes.

To Do


Within the To Do section there are presets of the most common things you may want to do prior to your trip. Or you can create your own within the text box.

To Do Summary


In the above menu you can see the items I have selected To Do. A great feature from this menu is the facility to forward this information by email, by clicking on the arrow key at the bottom. Useful if you have a husband like mine, that needs reminding about certain things.

Lists – Pack


Within the Lists/Pack menu there are presets again of the most common items you will need and you can create your own as well if necessary. The Notes section allows you to add any reminder Notes to yourself that you may need to do.

Select Dates


Once you have created your completed vacation details, by clicking on the bottom right arrow you can then forward select dates and photos of your journey to an email address, Facebook, Flickr or even view it on your desktop. Again this does not have to be prior to your trip it could be following it when you may want to share your itinerary and experiences with friends.



One of the many great features of this app is the Support section Help menu. It features a Quick Start menu which is great to get you going as well as listing specific Features and Advanced functions.

Well, I have to say that this is a great app and one that I will be using a lot of. It is hard to comprehend that all these features are available for 99 cents. This is without question well worth the money and an app that will appeal to many.

Buy It – 4/5 **** Download Link

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