Apple Black Friday Special Offers Around The World


We’ve been taking a look to see what bargains can be had from the Apple store today, Black Friday. Despite the UK and in fact the rest of the world not celebrating Thanksgiving, nonetheless we have been graced with Black Friday deals. So, you may not of eaten turkey but you can still head to the stores and pick up some great deals as Black Friday mania sweeps the world.

Now what will you choose…?

Apple Store US


An iPad perhaps, you can save $41 across the range of models in the Apple US store today. Not a huge saving, but why pay more?

Apple UK Store


In the UK it is possible to save £35 across the range of iPads, so you can pick up the standard 16GB iPad for £394 including VAT – now that’s not bad.

Apple US Store – MacBook Air


Perhaps you’d rather go for a MacBook Air, well the deals are only on the 13 inch model but you can save $101 on either model.

Apple UK Store – MacBook Air


As in the US Apple store, the deals are only on the 13 inch model of the MacBook Air but you can save £81 per model. So you can pick up the standard model for £1,018 including VAT.

Other Deals


There are loads more deals in the Apple store, and not just off of Apple branded products. There are some great deals on iPhone/iPod speaker systems. With the Beatbox by Dr Dre for example saving you $51.95 off the retail price today.



Even software is discounted, for example Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student Family Pack 2011 has a saving of £11.95 in the UK store.

Hopefully we’ve whetted your appetite to pick up a bargain today, if you want to head there straight away here are the links.

US Apple Store
UK Apple Store

Have fun!

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