Printing From Your iPhone and iPad Without AirPrint


With Apple’s latest upgrade of iOS 4.2 you’re probably wondering if your printer is on the current AirPrint list. We’ve got a list of them below, if yours is not on there though, don’t worry. We have found a phenomenal solution for you, called Printopia. Basically, Printopia allows you to wirelessly print to your Mac’s printer, whichever type that may be, whether it’s an inkjet, laser or photo printer. Not only that it is so simple to set up, take a look at this post to find out more.

AirPrint – Current Printer Supported Models


Apple’s AirPrint enabled applications can print to a wireless printer that supports AirPrint—and you don’t need to install a driver or configure the printer queue. Tap print, select your printer that supports AirPrint, and print. It’s that simple.

Which is great, if you have one of the current printer models that AirPrint support. See the list above.

If You Don’t Have A Current AirPrint Supported Printer


To give Printopia a try all you need to do is download it to your Mac – PC is not currently supported. There is a free 7 day trial so you can try before you buy. After that it will cost you $9.99. Once you have installed it onto your Mac, just select the Printers that you want it to work with.


When you are ready just click the arrow icon at the top of the page and select which printer you want to send the document to. It is that simple. In fact if you don’t actually want to print, you can send the document as a PDF or JPG directly to your Mac, or to your Dropbox folder on your Mac.

Having tested this application with both my iPad and iPhone I have to say it works faultlessly. If you would like to give it a try for free – go here to download.

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