Amazon Launches New Kindle Commercial – ‘Our Screen Is More Readable Than iPad’s’


Amazon have just launched a new TV commercial with a sting in its tail. Despite the rumors that the iPad 2 will have a non-reflective screen, like the Kindle. Amazon want to push on before the iPad 2 is here and this commercial sets the scene.

It stresses how you can’t read ebooks in direct sunlight with an iPad – this is very true. Neither can you actually read the blogs from the Kindle store on your Kindle app on your iPad – although that has nothing to do with sunlight – we just thought we would mention it as we have recently gone live as a blog on the Kindle Blog store, see here.


The commercial also goes on to stress that The Kindle is a lighter device with battery life “up to a month”, is being used by people in their mid twenties / thirties and has access to more than 800,000 books available in the Kindle Store.

This is all great and we do enjoy the Kindle here at TheAppWhisperer but that iOS Kindle app is hugely popular on the iPad and if Apple do manage to create a non-reflective iPad 2 screen then Amazon may have shot themselves in the foot with this argument.

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