Soliciting iOS Developers To Create Apps For Kindle


Apple Insider is reporting that are actively soliciting iOS developers to create apps for their Kindle device. Specifically, it seems they are seeking out educational app developers.


We all know how good the Kindle is as an e-reader and it has become very popular within the educational environments, so in many ways it is no surprise to us that’s move will be successful. They are not trying to compete with Apple and the iPad and this is a good thing. Microsoft have tried but failed in the past to bring iOS developers to their Zune and WP7 platforms, enough to really fluff Apple’s feathers, that is.

This move is more to do with competing with the Nook e-reader made by Barnes & Noble. Apparently, Barnes & Noble are pushing out a Nook Color update in April that will upgrade the current $250 e-reader into a basic 7 inch Android tablet. It seems that Amazon have timed this move just right.

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