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"Three Trees" was created by the independent game developer Studio Pepwuper. It is set to be available from early April 2011 on Apple iTunes App Store for $0.99.

As our App of the Day, all our regular readers know the trailer for this app will feature on every page of our site for a whole day. Just scroll to the bottom of this page to take a look.


"Three Trees" started as a prototype named "Water, Air, Sun", developed in 11 hours in the 360iDev GameJam http://gamejam.360idev.com/water-air-sun/. The theme of the GameJam was "Change the World", so developer Brandon Wu created a prototype where players need to balance the three forces of nature, water, air, and the sun, that shape the lands and change the world.

After much positive feedback and requests to turn the prototype into a full game, he assembled a small team of three to develop this game, which includes the following features:

– Easy tap and swipe control
– 3 world changing and conflicting forces to balance
– 3 trees for the players to grow
– Items to help the player remove excess elements on the land
– Soothing music that fits the mood

About Studio Pepwuper



Based in Los Angeles, Studio Pepwuper makes games for those young at heart. With a no-gun and violence policy, you can feel good about playing with your children.


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