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Top 10 Musical Instrument Apps In The All New Amazon Appstore

We have looked at the most popular photography apps in the Amazon Appstore and we couldn’t resist looking at the music ones too, take a look at these…

Chordbot Pro


Chordbot is an auto-accompaniment app for Android that lets you create and play advanced chord progressions easily. Use it for songwriting experiments, as accompaniment for your guitar/saxophone/theremin solos, or as a backing band for your shower singing sessions.

Featuring 60 chord types and over 20 different comping styles, this app provides you with a wide range of musical backing that’s designed to be simple but effective: No gratuitous brass fills, just unobtrusive patterns that won’t get in the way of your compositions. Chordbot’s styles aren’t based on prerecorded loops–they work as dynamic sequencer templates that are used to synthesize your songs in real-time. The songs are then played back with instrument samples from the GeneralUser SoundFont bank.


E-Man Tuner


This guitar tuner is super convenient for musicians on the go in an ultra-portable Android application. The E-Man Tuner works on microphone input to identify the note being played, and echoes the correct pitch back to you. Pluck a string close to the phone and the app guides you through tuning. This application produces a clear visual indication for pitch changes.


Audio Tuner


Audio Tuner is an accurate and intuitive instrument tuner. It provides a full spectrum analysis (from 4086hz to 4286hz), and a pitch pipe. Audio Tuner comes with built-in tunings for a wide variety of musical instruments including autoharp, banjo, bass guitar, cello, Chapman Stick, guitar, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, piano, ukulele, viola, and violin. To use, play your instrument into the microphone to find out if it is flat or sharp, then use the tone generator to confirm the note.


Musical Pro


If you’re a musician, songwriter, singer, recording artist, or just a lover of music, you’ll be delighted with Musical Pro. This pocket-sized musical tool kit for your Android device offers everything you need to be musical on the go–an accurate metronome, a pitch pipe to find the right key, keyboard, percussion and synth effects, and recording functions. Whether you want to lay down a quick track or just create some sounds on the go, this app is fun and easy to use.

As any devoted musician knows, metronomes are incredibly important practice tools–they’re essential for learning to play at a steady tempo. The metronome function in Musical Pro is a simple but indispensable component of this app, and it’s extremely user-friendly.
You can set the metronome to run at the beats-per-minute rate you wish, and even choose between numerous time signatures and note values. An animated metronome appears on the screen, and you can watch the pendulum swing back and forth as a clear metronomic click is produced to help you keep the beat.


Learn To Play The Acoustic Guitar


Beginning strummers will enjoy Learn to Play the Acoustic Guitar for their Android devices. The app consists of 20 video tutorials covering a wide variety of the elements involved in playing the acoustic guitar.

Lessons include how to tune your guitar, basic strumming, and how to play songs with four chords. More advanced tutorials cover barre chords and finger picking exercises. Lessons are easy to follow and are designed to get you up and strumming quickly.

Learn to Play the Acoustic Guitar lets you take guitar lessons any place you take your Android phone (and your guitar).




Tuner gStrings provides musicians of all abilities with a customizable chromatic tuner for their Android device. Tuner gStrings lets you tune your guitar while you’re on the go and works well with any stringed instrument. The tuner uses your phone’s internal microphone to measure and analyze musical pitches. The app also generates reference pitches of each note if you prefer to tune to an exact tone.

The gStrings tuner sports a clean and easy-to-follow interface. A scroll bar on the top of the screen lists all the notes in a chromatic scale; touching a note selects it for tuning. The middle of the screen displays an analogue meter that measures if a note is flat, sharp, or accurately tuned. The bottom of the screen provides three modes to tune your strings: Sound, Tune, and Tune Auto.




This musical application is not just a pocket piano. This two octave touch-play keyboard plays with a variety of sounds from Hammond to electro-noise. Choose from nine different effects packed into three sound banks. There are six back-beat rhythms to play with including Classic Rock, City Breaker, and Electric Legz.


RD3 – Groovebox


Create your own music with RD3 – Groovebox. The sounds are legendary, from the legendary early stylings of Afrika Bambaataa to the modern day minimalist classics of today. It is an easy to use, high quality audio app with a 303-style synthesizer and a drum machine with eight different drum kits. With the integrated step sequencer you can program your own grooves on the go. Recreate the sound of early electronic music with these legendary instruments. RD3 – Groovebox features four patterns per instrument.


Banjo Chords


Banjo Chords is a full-featured banjo chord dictionary for the open G tuning (gDGBD). This practical, easy-to-use app for your Android device provides instant access to over 700 of the most common chord forms in all twelve keys. And with this app’s audio feature, each chord can also be heard–either as a full chord or as individual notes–to double-check your fingering.

To get started, just select a key and a modifier–you’ll immediately see the chord’s fingerings onscreen. Thirty voicings are available for each key, with multiple fingerings up and down the neck. Hit the play button at the bottom of the screen to hear the chord you’ve selected, or touch individual strings or fret markers to hear each note.

Use Banjo Chords as a reference tool when you’re on the road or anytime you want to stoke your creativity by exploring new approaches to your instrument. Its simple layout and smooth interface make it easy to work and fun to experiment with.


ReLoop Music Sequencer


Compose and produce music quickly using loops and one-shot samples with ReLoop Music Sequencer, the loop-based production tool with a simple interface and powerful editing abilities. Using drag and drop interaction, ReLoop lets you copy, paste, slice, snap, zoom, and resize preloaded and original loops with CD quality stereo sound.


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