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360 Web Browser comes fully loaded with a stack load of features including Firefox Sync, Download Manager, ability to view Flash Videos using CC Plugin, Media Player & Dropbox. We recently interviewed the developers of this app, Digital Poke – see the interview here and now we take a closer look at the mechanics of this app. Read our review here…


360 Browser is a universal iOS app that offers you an alternative browser on which to view the web. It is a feature rich app but manages well to keep an uncultured and clean appearance, these ascetics are of particular importance to Apple iPhone/iPad users.

360 Browser has a huge catchment area as to a certain extent it will appeal to the entirety of iOS users that want to browse on their iOS devices in a way similar to how they do that on their desktop machines as well as download files, sync with Firefox and extend functionality through the abundance of plugins too.

Google Search


Wikipedia Search


Bing Search


Yahoo Search


Firefox Sync


The Firefox sync facility is a very useful one as it allows your tabs, bookmarks and history from Firefox to be synced within 360 Browser. This is a unique feature as at present, no other iOS Browser currently offers this support.



360 Browser has some great plugin’s but perhaps the most important is the Clip Converter Plugin that allows some flash videos to be viewed on your iOS device. Clip Converter currently supports, YouTube, Sevenload, MySpace, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, MyVideo, and Veoh.

The download feature is also very good, it allows for simultaneous or queued downloads and also background downloading.

Full Screen Browsing


360 Browser also offers full screen browsing, which can be toggled on/off and is another well accomplished addition.



360 Browser really has been designed from the ground up and the culmination of customizable themes is second to none.

Ad Block


360 Browser also offers the option to block ads if you wish too.

Arc Interface


The Arc interface is the key to this app. It allows you to access the functions that you want from a browser on one page. Whether you want to zoom in, clear your history, search text within a page, you can do it all from just selecting the above icon. It’s a great feature and very well put together, it’s extremely fast but also intelligent.



This is an extremely competent browser for your iPhone or iPad. It offers many advantages over Safari with its feature rich content. Once you have downloaded this app and started getting familiar with it, we really don’t think you would want to go back to Safari. There is almost no need as this does what Safari does but better. We highly recommend 360 Browser at theappwhisperer.com.

If you would like to try this app, we have some promo codes to giveaway. Just like us on Facebook and join our ever growing Twitter following and we will send you one. That’s going to save you $0.99, not a lot but then the developer is selling this app short in our opinion. The eight months they have spent on development of this app have been very well spent, this is an accomplished app and we are proud to of reviewed it.

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