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It’s not long to go now until the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, as a matter of fact, according to the Royal Wedding 2011 app, it is precisely 17 days and 18 hours away. The excitement is really growing not just in the UK but all around the world. Speaking from personal experience I can report that it’s getting difficult to even shop around the supermarket for ‘normal’ groceries between all the bunting, Union flags and Prince William champagne that is now adorning the shelves.

With this being such a significant wedding it is very appropriate that there are now some great Royal Wedding apps within the App Store. We are reviewing Royal Wedding 2011 as it is such a competent and well thought out app, we’re sure our readers are going to love it. Read our comprehensive review below…


Royal Wedding 2011 is available for both the iPhone and the iPad and it is free in the App Store. The iPhone version is slightly more compact than the iPad one and is ideally suited for the smaller device. The iPhone app boots up with the countdown page to the wedding showing on page 1. Then it gives options such as News, Souvenirs, Guest Book and Contests. The iPad version includes options such as 2Mag, Newswall, Facebook page, RSS feed link, and Guest Book.

Within the iPad version The 2Mag section is where most of the material is held and enables the Royal Watcher to gain information not only relating to the big day but also some history and future features too. You can learn about where William and Kate originally met, view a copy of the Wedding invitation, check out some souvenirs and many other shopping and feature posts. There is a lot of reading material to help you feel really involved with the Royal Wedding. The content is very clearly laid out and is a pleasure to read on the iPad.



The News section within the iPhone version gives a complete listing of various happenings related to the Royal event. These include opinion articles such as ‘should Kate vow to obey William?’ as well as information that Bucklebury the home village of Kate Middleton has commissioned a Royal Wedding mug. There is a lot of news and this is regularly updated and is a great way to be feel more involved with the wedding.



The Newswall section on the iPad is similar to the News section of the iPhone version but takes advantage of the larger screen size and each post is presented as an image. Once you click on that it gives the headline to the post and clicking once more takes you to the actual text of the post.



The iPhone version has an additional heading of Souvenirs – the iPad version does too, but it is contained within the 2Mag content section. By selecting the Souvenir icon on the iPhone app, you are presented with two choices, these are Bling souvenirs or Kitsch souvenirs. Both are interesting to view and the prices are also given for each product as well as the retailer.



The iPad version has a direct link to this apps Facebook page and it is very popular indeed. At the time of writing over 13,511 people have liked this page. There is a great community and this is a really exciting way to become further involved and chat with people all over the world about the Royal Wedding.



The 2Wire icon on the iPad version is an RSS Twitter feed of information relating to the wedding. It’s very informative and updated regularly.

Guest Book


Both the iPhone and the iPad have a Guest Book section and this is a fun place to browse. There are two options, either you can view what others have written in the Guest Book or write your own message. People from all over the world are writing messages in the guest book and it is already full of wonderful wishes of happiness. Hopefully, 2 For Life Media, the developers of this app will be passing on the guest book to the happy couple after the event.



This is a wonderful app to not only help you celebrate the Royal Wedding but to also get involved, at least socially with the Royal Wedding. To be able to chat with other like minded individuals is a great feature and perhaps many will even arrange to meet up on the actual day together. This app keeps you up to date with all the news surrounding the wedding as it happens, whether that’s the name of the hairdresser for the event or the cake maker, you will find all what you need to know here and probably a lot more that you didn’t even know you wanted to know. highly recommends this app. It is free on both the iPhone and iPad. If you would like to download this app, you can do so here.

iPhone Version
iPad Version

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