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What’s SynthCam about? There are lots of apps out there that capture a single image and blur it to simulate a shallow depth of field. This app is different. Every 30th of a second it captures a video frame, tracks the object you pointed at, aligns it to the same object in previous frames you captured, and blends the frames together. You don’t see this happening, and you don’t see the result until you press Pause, but your iPhone is very, very busy. By the way, the native iPhone camera app lets you touch to focus, and objects you don’t focus on are blurry. But because the iPhone’s lens is small these objects are not very blurry. Using this app, you can create a much shallower depth of field. The tradeoff is that the output image is HD video resolution, not still photo resolution.


– SynthCam now offers multi-point focusing and tilted focal planes. The( number icon on the toolbar cycles through 1, 2, 3, and 4-point modes. In( each mode the solid square shows where the camera itself is metering and( focusing, and the open reticles show other points the app is tracking and( keeping sharp. These squares and reticles can be moved or resized by( dragging or pinching them.

Multi-point focusing not only lets you align the focal plane with any( collection of objects in the scene; it also lets you simulate a tilt-shift( lens. To do this, place 2 or 3 points along a line through the scene, then( rotate the phone slowly and continuously while recording. With some practice you can take pictures that make the world look like a miniature model.

This app has some great features, if you would like to try it out, just click here.

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