This Is The Creepiest iPhone Case We Have Every Seen


Ok, we admit it, we have seen a lot of iPhone cases and some are rather strange but this one is definitely the creepiest we have ever seen. It consists of an iPhone case with a fake hand – you can even choose the size of the fake hand, from a child’s hand to a lady’s. We have absolutely no idea why anyone in their right mind would buy one of these but the manufacturers naturally, disagree with that. When posed with the question of ‘Why?’, they go so far as to say this, "you could hold hands with your iPhone to make sure you don’t drop it. Or if you are feeling really lonely, this case may reach out to you and give you company". Perhaps I’m one of the fortunate ones, I am never lonely, but if I was, I certainly wouldn’t be clinging onto this thing, however ‘handy’ it might seem.

If you feel differently and would like to order one, just go here. It will cost you $64.





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