Evernote For BlackBerry PlayBook – Now Available


It has been a while coming but finally Evernote for BlackBerry PlayBook is now available and it lets you create, search, view and edit your notes wherever you may be. And, as you’d expect, it’s completely free. Get it today from BlackBerry App World/Download here.

The Interface


To take advantage of the PlayBook form factor, Evernote have focused on a two-column approach: a Snippet-filled note list along the left and the selected note on the right.

When you select a note, you can either view it in the two-column view or take to fullscreen by tapping on the fullscreen button near the note title.

Creating and editing notes

To make a new note, tap on the new note button in the top left of the interface. To edit an existing note, select it, then tap on the Pencil icon.

Add a title and body simply by tapping into those regions. If you want to choose a notebook or add some tags, tap on the relevant icons in the top bar of the note.

Attaching files to notes


Evernote for the BlackBerry PlayBook allows you to take snapshots and record audio clips, plus attach existing photos, audio recordings and files to your notes. To do this, tap on the icons along the top of the note. Whatever you choose will be added as an attachment to your note. You can have multiple images, recordings and files associated with a single note.


Want to find something you saving in your account? Search for it. Tap into the search bar and enter a search. Evernote will then look for that term in the notes body, as well as inside of any images that you have stored in your account.

Sorting your notes

You can also browse through your notes by either notebook or tag by tapping on the selection option near the search bar. Once you’ve selected a specific notebook or tag, you can search within it to get exactly what you’re looking for.

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