Banksy London Tour for iPhone – Maps, Info, Photos of Surviving Pieces


Gravitywell, the developers of Banksy London Tour, has released another exciting Banksy product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This is the follow-up app to the popular Banksy Bristol Tour and contains interactive maps to Banksy locations in London, as well as locally researched and comprehensive details of each painting. There are twenty-six locations (51 photos) included, which allow users to take a virtual tour of the surviving London pieces. Included in the app are detailed histories by experts, a guide to lost works and plenty of extras.



Banksy is an artist who expresses his talent with flare on the sides of buildings in cities in the U.K. Each painting expresses a viewpoint on controversial social-political issues and has obviously been created by someone with talent. There is a large, international following of this man’s work.

Sadly, many of the uniquely original Banksy works have disappeared, having been painted over or removed in some other manner. As the works cannot be carried home by would-be collectors, fans clamor to locate and view authentic Banksy paintings while they still can. Naturally, this is not possible for many people around the world.

The Banksy London Tour app makes it easy for users to virtually visit these giant masterpieces. There are twenty-four photos, which include multiple shots of each mural. They not only provide immediate gratification for fans but also serve as a memento in the event that one or more of the paintings disappear. All of the pictures come complete with detailed descriptions.



* User-friendly interface
* Comprehensive yet unofficial Banksy application – true Banksy style
* Allows users to virtually visit the last remaining Banksy pieces in London
* Uses an interactive map to pinpoint locations
* Over fifty photos from 26 locations included
* Local, well researched supporting information
* Ideal for tourists and locals alike, who want to see the surviving Banksy pieces
* Information and locations are kept up-to-minute current
* Includes a guide on the Lost Banksy works
* Includes extra features on Exhibitions, Festivals and Banksy’s Rats
* Includes a detailed history of each piece written by the experts at LDN Graffiti
* This app is the follow-up to the best-selling Banksy Bristol Tour app  

Users are treated to plenty of extras in this app. Experts at LDNGraffiti have written detailed histories on each piece of work, and there is a guide to the now lost Banksy works, as well as information about exhibitions, festivals and the famous Banksy rats.

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