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This is a new HDR iPhoneography app that has just landed in the Apple App Store, first impressions look good. HDR FX allows you to have Single-Photo HDR Effect on your photos and at the same time to experience special functions that HDR FX provides. It helps you make photos look more impressive and gorgeous than what you experience in a real world.

A magical experience will be shown on your phone. Sceneries in travelling, beautiful sky around sunset, first snow near daybreak and so on…No matter what is taken, the magic promises more beautiful and breathtaking photos.

This app is on sale for a limited time and is available for just $0.99/£0.69/download. You can read more about the features of this app below.



◆ HDR Preset specialized to Scenery
42 different HDR Preset is provided in three themes : Scenery, sky, and ground. You will experience a high quality of editing such as choosing Single-Photo HDR highly matching to each photo, saving immediately, and even editing more details.

◆ Limitless combinations of HDR effect!
You can simply apply a preset by choosing out from the filter list. Moreover, with the use of Shuffle button in HDR Lab, you will have unlimited photographic effects with various detail settings.

◆ Automatic photo analyze and preset recommendation
As soon as a photo is loaded, HDR FX automatically analyze the photo and recommend presets highly matching to it.
If you are not sure which preset you should choose, just check out the HDR presets with star sign, which are recommended by HDR FX. 🙂 
Bonus Tip – If you pull down the list, the presets in a numerical order will be sorted by frequency. You can use HDR Lab with a preferred setting!



◆ HDR Option Control
You can make your photo the most natural as you control Highlight, Shadow, and Opacity of a preset you choose.

◆ Specialized Effects for Sky and Ground
HDR FX makes sky and ground which are important points in a scenery photograph stand out. A beautiful sky view of sunset can become more beautiful, showing the awe of the nature.

◆ Elaborate photos with Textures!
You can elaborate the beauty of sceneries with an addition of textures. Moreover, with the use of shuffle function you can express varied styles of one texture and also control the opacity of the texture.

◆ Stylish Borders
Complete edition with putting a photo in a frame! Borders, which make your photos look more stylish, are provided.

◆ Load a photo from Facebook
You can import a photo from Facebook, which we use every day, and edit it in HDR FX.



◆ Simple and useful Editor
HDR FX is designed for everyone to use all the editing features conveniently. It also consist of necessary and fundamental features which allow you to make a photo more amazing and gorgeous.

◆ Features
✓ Take a photo or Load a photo
✓ Load a photo from Facebook
✓ 42 HDR Presets : Scenery, sky, and ground
✓ Shuffle limitless combinations of HDR presets
✓ Useful and stylish borders
✓ Textures and control on its opacity
✓ HDR sub settings : Highlight, Shadow, Opacity adjustment of HDR preset
✓ Specialized expression to sky and ground
✓ Various colors via Curve
✓ Analyze a photo and recommend highly matching HDR presets to each photo
✓ Crop
✓ Compare with an original photo
✓ EXIF Data
✓ HDR FX Manual

Video Demonstration


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