Sun Surveyor – iOS – Updated


Sun Surveyor predicts Sun & Moon positions (azimuth, altitude, time) with a 3D Compass, Map View, Augmented Reality View and a Details Ephemeris. Sun Surveyor is useful for film and photo location scouting, architecture, solar panel positioning, gardening, real estate, film grips, Earth Science geekery, and more! Plan for every sunrise and sunset! This popular app is finally here for iOS.

This app has recentely been updated, you can check out What’s New below. This is a free update, if you have previously purchased this app. If not, you can download it here. It retails for $5.99/£3.99/download.


What’s New?


– AR View: option to show sun/moon/solstice paths below the horizon

– Details: Added Solar Noon
- Data Legend: replaced preference to show data legend with tappable expand/contract images

– Prevent screen dimming for ARView, 3D Compass & Calibration modules

– bugfix: Map View on iPad now immediately displaying new saved location pins


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