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Comments from the crowd – ‘Google maps is screwed’

Maps are vector-based, like Google Maps, quick rotating and zooming with gestures.

3D flyover view of cities, very similar to what Google announced last week but possibly better…

Maps – new mapping solution, built from ground up. Local seach, ingested more than 100 million business listings. Info cards well populated, there’s Yelp integration too. ‘we’re building a traffic service. – turn by turn navigation. 3D presentation, traffic monitored in real time with ETA updated dynamically. Use Siri for stuff like ‘where can I get petrol/gas’

WWDC – New app – Passbook – simplest way to get all of your passes in one place. Passbook takes all your passes and combines them in one place and integrates it right into the OS.

WWDC – Photo Stream – shared photo stream new in iOS 6 – choose the photos you’d like to share, choose the friends whom you want to share with and that’s it – you’re done. The friends get a push notification and will see an album. Folks can comment on those photos. These appear in iPhoto or Aperture and can be browsed on Windows and Apple TV.

Phone can now bring up a notification that an app exists and tapping the banner shuttles you right tot he app Store.

Safari, getting better – iClouds Tabs – get desktop tabs from your phone. aslo Offline reading list, add anyting to your reading list and it’ll downlad and cache it. Upload photos quickly and easily to sites like Shutterfly and Smart App Banners.

FaceTime over cellular, you can provide a phone number and Apple ID so you can answer that call on your iPad or even your Mac, same for iMessages.

Do Not Disturb – new feature, you’ll still receive push notificaitons but your screen wont like up. Screen calls, ignore all, or just a few.

Easy buttons for call me later, remind me when I leave,
new phone app – new control, slide up win phone call comes in and you’re busy to remind later or send message back. Reminders too

Integrated with the App store so now you can like apps and see which apps your friend like and on iTunes too. Contact syncing included as well. Integration with Mac too.

Siri for new iPad announced, not sure about the old models. Facebook integration into mobile device, sharing like with Twitter. You can post pics from photos, sites from Safair locations from Maps.


BMW, GM, Mercedes, Land Rover, jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler and Honda integrated a button to enable Apple’s new Eyes Free for Siri into their steering wheels,.

iOS 6 new ‘Eyes Free’ announced – hands free allows you to keep driving while using your phone.

iOS 6 it’s here. Mainly Siri demonstrations going on right now…

GameCenter – 130 million accounts, 5 billion scores and 67 of the top 100 games have some level of integration.

140 million iMessage users, 150 billion messages sent and they’re now sending more than a billion message each day. Twitter has seen 3x growth increase in iOS users since then. 10 billion tweets from iOS 5 47% of all photos on Twitter come from iOS 5.

365 million iOS devices sold though March, 80% now on iOS 5. 84 of top 100 social apps are pushing notifications. 1.5 trillion push notifications sent already.

Mountain Lion shipping next month, not with new laptops only $19.99, $10 less than Snow Leopard. If you buy new Mac today, upgrade is free. Developers will get a ‘near final’ build today to play with.

Features for China – specific features. New input methods, new dictionaries, eight new fonts, support for Baidu and other Chinese social networks.

Stig on stage, demonstrating how an a game developed for iOS ports easily over to Mac as well.

New feature Power Nap – your mac will update itself and sync itself when its offline and when its charging it’ll back itself up. It won’t spin your fans, goes easy on your battery, compatible with 2gen airs and new MacBook Pro.

AirPlay Mirroring, the easiest way to get your content on a display, pixel for pixel 1080p pushed wirelessly to your TV. We also support sending audio to AirPlay enabled stereo systems and speakers.

GameCenter coming to Mac as well. Multiplayer support Mac to Mac and cross device as well. You can play from your Mac against someon on an iPad or iPhone and push that over AirPlay.

Notification Center – Twitter DMs or mentions will pop up as notifications as well.

New multi-touch zooming but if you zoom all the way out you pop into the tab view. You can swipe between your tab and with a pinch you’re into that tab.

new Safari fastest on the planet, tweet from it. iCloud tabs, see all the pages on all devices. Tab View
Can Tweet rom Safari. New Safari – fastest on the planet.

Dictation coming to the Mac, talk into Facebook.

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