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Rudy Vogel – Screen Show Of Outstanding iPhone Photography Images From ‘The Renaissance Man’

Yesterday we published Rudy Vogel’s A Day In The Life article – if you missed it, you can read it here. Rudy’s images have inspired so many and it is not suprising considering the time and detail he puts into each of his creations.

Of all the images Rudy submitted, one in particular stands out ‘Swimming In A Sea Of Galactic Wingnuts’ – this image is the first and last image shown in the slide show. It is very special for many reasons, one that Rudy gave us first rights for publication of this image, it has not been published anywhere else. Secondly, because Rudy was working on this image when we first contacted him to ask if he would like to take part in our A Day In The Life series, this image took over three weeks to complete. Rudy describes it as ‘the most complex and time consuming piece I have ever created’ and he went on ‘thus I saved it for this interview’.

We really feel that Rudy has bestowed us with a great honor and therefore we decided to create a screen show of all of the images that he submitted for the interview. Play it and enjoy it, the images will stay with you.


Screen Show Including ‘Swimming In A Sea Of Galactic Wingnuts’



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