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Welcome to our new Photo App Lounge section of This is a very small area on our site where we ask highly accomplished iPhone photographers what their top five photo apps are and why.

Kicking us off today is Tess Gomm otherwise known as Harveydog from North London in the UK. Tess lives with her partner and two lurchers, Originally Tess trained a journalist, worked on local, regional and national newspapers in the UK before moving into editing and desktop publishing. We previously interviewed Tess in our A Day In The Life series, if you missed that, you can read it here.

We caught up with Tess in between shoots and asked her what her top five photo apps are, this is what she said…



Copyright image – Tess Gomm – ‘Sense of Crisis’ -Apps Used – Camera+, BlurFX, Iris, Awesome Camera


Gold : Camera+



‘The workhorse.  Reliable. Pretty much everything I shoot goes through Camera+ at some point or other. I use Scenes  – mainly Clarity – all the time to ‘lift’ images. I especially like the results I get running Slow Shutter work through Clarity. There are some great colour effects and it’s also great for straight-shooting’.


Silver : Slow Shutter



‘Not everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve found my feet by playing with the settings and using it for different styles of shots. To start, it’s a real ‘play with me and see what you get’ app, but as I use it more I am getting the upper hand. Settings-wise, I mainly use Light Trail with a Shutter Speed of 2 and Sensitivity on 1/6th. I’m continually experimenting with still and moving subjects. The more unconventional uses I can find for Slow Shutter, the better’.

Slow Shutter/download

Bronze : BlurFX/Touch ReTouch



‘Ok – that’s two apps so a slight cheat. I find both of these incredibly useful for cleaning, cloning, taking out the bits you don’t need, toning down backgrounds etc. They are the unsung heroes of the App world. Hard workers who don’t get the kudos like all your fancy effect apps. They both deserve recognition for sterling work’.

Touch ReTouch/download

Highly Commended : Iris Photo Suite



‘Iris packs a punch. It’s the app I have probably used the most from right from the start of my iPhoneograophy adventure. All encompassing – from cropping to selective colour. Great effects with good control. The adjustment panel is an essential tool  – a bit complex but worth persevering with the masks and layers’.

Iris Photo Suite/download

Pipped At The Post: ScratchCam FX



‘Another love affair. Textures, layers, explorations into the unknown with random effects for the time-challenged. But then to sit and play, adjust and control. There are a few Johnny-Come-Latelys in the same vein, but this is a well-thought through app with great flexibility’.

ScratchCam FX/download

Additional Stunning Images


Copyright Image – Tess Gomm – ‘At The Hands of the Mob’ – Apps Used – Slow Shutter, Camera+, Bad Camera, Snapseed


We’re very lucky that Tess also sent in some additional images for us to share with our readers, some that have been created/edited with the above apps, a real treat, enjoy 😉


Copyright Image – Tess Gomm – ‘Bond Street’ – Apps Used – Slow Shutter, Camera+, ScratchCam FX, Awesome Camera

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  1. Awesome images created using a magnanimous app selection! 🙂
    Now I also need to work on my Slow Shutter skills.
    Maybe the appwhisperer could provide us with a tutorial?


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