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GG Filmz today is pleased to announce Jazz 1.1 for iOS, an update to their powerful photo editor that easily generates a limitless number of looks for your photos. Developed by award-winning visual effects director, Ray Giarratana, Jazz improvises on any photo, offering four new interpretations at a time, at the touch of a button. With its 16 powerful filters, users can tweak any image-processed photo to achieve nearly any desired look, save their own style presets, quickly compare examples of before and after, and share or save photos.

Jazz is an infinitely flexible image processor/photo editor app that offers completely automatic and manual control of 16 artistic photo filters. Unlike other photo apps, Jazz has a huge range of possible looks and styles from extreme grunge and psychedelic effects, to clean and sophisticated. Jazz easily appeals to beginning photo editors as well as power users thanks to its two modes of operation: Quartet mode for quick, endless looks; and Solo mode for detailed tweaking.

This is a free update, if you have previously downloaded this app. If not, you can download it here. It retails for $0.99/£0.69/download.





* Powerful random style generator offers endless possibilities
* Looks can range from clean and sophisticated to grungy or vintage…and anything in-between
* Upload to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr with a simple touch
* Save your own styles as presets to use again later
* Complete rotate, crop, and image processing capabilities (new crop ratio presets)
* Swipe down to expand photo to full screen, tap twice to apply a Style preset, tap three times to view the original photo
* Style history lets users go back to any random look that Jazz showed them
* 16 professional grade, image processing filters, including Film Treatment, Vignette, Bloom, Color Balance, and Spot Focus; plus some really cool creative filters like Plastic & Glass, and Dirt, Grunge & Schmutz
* Exif & GPS metadata is saved throughout
* Nothing else to buy – it just works

In Quartet mode, Jazz generates four different filtered versions of any photo shot live or opened from the Photo Library. Displayed in a 2×2 grid in portrait or landscape orientation, the four looks are the result of random combinations of filters at various settings and intensities. Touch any version and Jazz takes you to Solo mode where you can save it, share it, and/or tweak it. Touching the G-clef icon in the top tab bar generates four more completely different looks. Users can swipe left or right to move forward and backward between four-photo pages. There is no limit to the number of times a user can employ the random style generator by touching the icon.

In Solo mode, Jazz users gain complete access to a scrolling collection of 16 image filters and effects, each with various controls and options. Individual filters have on/off switches and disclosure icons to expand the filter window. All slider and selector controls function intuitively, and as results are almost immediate, even novices should be transforming ordinary shots into memorable photos within minutes of first trying the app.

Jazz also comes with 16 different style presets, each named after a jazz style or musician (e.g., Chick, Coltrane, Bebop, or Fusion). Once loaded, the style is applied to the open photo, and users can go directly to save, or adjust any of the 16 different filters. Style presets are a great starting point from which to move toward a desired look.

What’s New In This Update?



★ Jazz now also works in Landscape orientation!

★ 9 new gorgeous glass borders!
★ New Sharpen filter!

★ New Tilt Shift mode in Focus filter!

★ Crop ratio presets for 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 16×9 and yes, (Instagram) SQUARE!

★ Interactive previews for Spot Focus, Tilt Shift & Vignette filters!

★ Much better looking Spot Focus!

★ Exif & GPS metadata is saved throughout

★ Original camera photo is automatically saved

★ You can now delete preset styles that you don’t want

★ Completely new language translations that don’t suck!

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