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Olloclip Tutorial – How To Create A Stunning Wide-Angle Abstract Art Image With An Olloclip

The Olloclip lens system consists of three lenses. A wide-angle, fish-eye and a macro lens. In this tutorial we demonstrate how to create an incredible wide-angle abstract photograph using the Olloclip wide-angle lens. The wide-angle lens allows for approximately double the field of view of the default iPhone. This feature is great for taking landscapes, architecture and interiors but it also lends itself to more creative work too.

In this instance, using the wide-angle lens, it has allowed the flower image from a reasonably close focusing distance to appear very large and striking. The photographer in this instance has used this to great effect and created a very unique image that would only of been possible by using the wide-angle Olloclip lens to capture it initially. Perhaps, demonstrating again the cross over between photography and art.

This tutorial is part of our series of Olloclip tutorials, if you have missed any so far, you can view them here.

Read our very inspiring tutorial below…


Step 1



This is my original shot, I put these sunflowers in a tall vase and set them against a black background in natural light. I shot them using 645 Pro on my iPhone 4S with the Olloclip wide-angle lens attached, ensuring that my subject looked very large on the screen. My film choice was FC5 in a 6×6 format.

Step 2



I felt that the original image was a bit “brassy” so I ran it through Dynamic Light to soften it slightly. I used the Dutch Light filter at 50%.


Step 3



Next I added an aged, but not grungy, feel to the image. I chose the Studio filter in Picture Show to accomplish this edit. I made no other adjustments once I applied the filter.

Step 4



To begin the abstract process I stretched the image. I used the Vertical Quad filter; also in Picture Show. Again, I made no other adjustments once this filter was applied.

Step 5



To continue the abstract process I softened and smoothed the sharp angles of the sunflower. I used the Symmetry Horizontal filter in FX Photo Studio. As in the steps above, I made no other adjustments once the filter was applied.

Step 6



To balance the shot I added a mirror image of the left facing flower. I moved the image into Iris Photo Suite. On the tool bar at the bottom I tapped the second icon from the left then tapped Rotate/ Flip. Another toolbar appeared and I tapped the third icon from the left thus creating a flipped image.

Step 7



To combine the two images I stayed in Iris Photo Suite. With the flipped image still on the screen I went to the top and tapped Adjustments then Layers. I set the image as the base layer. I then tapped the camera roll in the lower right corner and opened the library from where I chose the left facing flower image. I again tapped Adjustments then Layers. I set this image to blend with the base layer. I used the normal blend mode at 52% then saved the combined image.

Step 8



For an additional minor color adjustment I ran the image through iColorama. I tapped Adjust on the top toolbar that swiped through the choices. I applied Saturate at full opacity.

Step 9



With the abstract process complete I added texture to the image. I moved it back into FX Photo Studio. I applied the Texturize filter with no further adjustments.

Step 10



For the second part of the texture phase I moved the image into Kyoobik. I clicked on Style (second icon from the left on the toolbar) then Kyoobik Photo then Kyoobik-08. I made no further adjustments.

Step 11



For the final bit of texture I moved the image into Moku Hanga. I tapped Multi-Color then chose the Portrait filter with no further adjustments.

Final Image



With the abstract and texture phases completed I made two minor adjustments. I returned the image to Iris Photo Suite. Again I tapped the second icon from the left then Rotate/Flip. I tapped the first icon on the left, on the new toolbar, which allowed me to rotate the image 90 degrees. Finally, I tapped Adjustments on the top tool bar then Sharpen/Blur to sharpened the image 100%.

This is my final image, I would not of been able to create this incredible abstract image without using the Olloclip wide-angle lens. I use the lens for a great deal, the combination of macro, fish-eye and wide-angle is perfect, allowing the user to create incredible images, all from one very handy pocketable device.





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I totally love iPhone photography and specialise in flower and plant images. I love to tell a story with the flowers; many times giving them human characteristics as in the photo of the sunflower entitled Remorseful, mentioned in the A Day In the Life Of interview. I also like to create abstracts. Lisa Waddell works as a Special Educational Needs Teacher in Houston, Texas. Lisa lives with her husband, father-in-law and Sam, the cutest Boston Terrier ever created! Lisa’s work is extraordinary, botanical in a sense and also so mysterious and creative in other ways too. And, it’s not just the way she creates the image, it’s in the titles too. Each title has been so carefully chosen to match the image. When you read the title you learn a little more about the image.