Roger Guetta And Maxime Rioux Introduce Their Work At The LAMAF – Exclusive!


Roger Guetta, a mobile fine art photographer and Maxime Rioux, a musician/inventor, both from Montreal, have teamed up to conceive of and actualize a self contained audio/visual installation which is in itself is perfectly mobile.

The installation entitled Earth Cargo – Destination Santa Monica consists of a ‘50’s travelling trunk refurbished to resemble a movie house, replete with an orchestra pit and dynamic viewing screen. Mr. Guetta’s 20 minute visual story line is projected onto the inside part of the trunk’s cover as Mr. Rioux’s automated percussion instruments (in the pit) interpret the drama..

The visuals are shot, processed and edited on an iPhone. The video produced to animate these still works are edited on the iPhone iMovie app.

Maxime Rioux’s soundscape is composed using inaudible sound waves (no more then 10Hz) to drive small speakers to vibrate (not to produce sounds) Small drumsticks attached to springs protruding from these speakers bang the drums and stimulate the cymbals, creating a haunting and dynamic accompaniment. to the visual adventure. All this run by a marine battery contained inside the trunk..

The full proceedings are triggered by an iPhone or iPad and a Nano is also used for peripheral effects. Also the trunk is painted in a phosphorescent white, opens hydraulically and rolls on bright red wheels.

We are pleased to share this experience with you.


‘Inside of my installation ….projection is on the inside lid of this trunk’ – Roger Guetta



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