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Image Blender Tutorial – Creating Unique Images

Image blender is a wonderful app to help you create unique images.  This short tutorial will show you how to accomplish this.  This tutorial was created before the recent update  to Image Blender.  There are some changes in the the update on the bottom controls. Even with the changes you can follow this tutorial easily.


Original Image Number 1



These are the two images I chose to blend, a yellow field flower and a fossil rock with interesting markings.


Original Image Number 2



Step 1



I brought the two images into Image Blender. The image on the left (bottom thumbnail) is the dominant image, which determines the position and size of the blend outcome.

When you bring in your own images and none of the blends are working for the image, tap and hold on main image and you will get a choice to-Copy- Switch-Flatten. Try Switch and see what happens.


Step 2



I chose the Normal blend and adjusted the slider to my liking. Most times I will go through many of the different blend modes to see which one will work best for the image.


Step 3



I wanted to mask parts of the image (flower center, petals) to bring out the details in the flower and hide some of the fossil markings.


Step 4



Click on bottom left to control brush size.


Step 5



To help you see what you want to mask, click on the bottom right symbol and slide the opacity slider.


Step 6



It also help a great deal to pinch and zoom in on the image.


Step 7



Result of masking.


Step 8



I then brought the blended image into Photo Fx Ultra.  I felt that the image needed a boost. Photo Fx Ultra- Light- Halo


Step 9



Click on the save bottom (upper right) to get a dialog box with Save Layer.  I wanted to add another effect.


Step 10



Select, Grads/Tints– Nude Fx #1.  Save.


Final Image



Here is the final image. We hope you will feel inspired to try Image Blender for yourself after reading this tutorial. It is one of the most popular Photo apps available for the iPhone/iPad. It retails for $2.99/£1.99 and you can download it here.

Irene Oleksiuk was born and raised in Chicago and now lives about 40 miles from the city, in a country setting where she feels she belongs. In 2001 Irene signed up at the Morton Arboretum and started working on her Nature photography certificate. She loved it and met some great people. Since she purchased an iPhone her photography has really taken off. Irene contributes to Pixels/the art of iPhoneography and combined with the help of Knox Bronson (Pixels), Irene’s images have been show in galleries across California.